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Terms & Conditions

Prepaid Mobile 5-Day & 28-Day Plans

Postpaid Mobile 5GB & 8GB Plans 


Prepaid Plans

  1. Prepaid Mobile Plans will be automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period unless a customer opts out of the plan by dialing *787#.
  2. Once the plan duration ends, all subsequent usage will be billed at pay-per-use rate unless another data plan is activated.
  3. Each plan will maintain its separate expiry date and allotment and auto-renewal will apply to the last plan activated.
  4. Calls, texts and social media usage are subject to Flow’s Prepaid Mobile Fair Usage Policy (see which will vary based on the plan selected.
  5. Rollover is not applicable to unlimited calls, text messages and social media benefits.

Postpaid Plans

  1. Upon activation, customers will be entitled to the applicable mobile data allotment, texts and minutes per 30-day billing cycle on a pro-rated basis.
  2. The roaming data allotment is applicable to USA, Canada and UK only.
  3.  Once the data roaming in-plan benefit is exhausted, usage will be deducted from any active roaming bolt-on plan or at pay per use rates where there is no roaming bolt-on.
  4. Special Telephone Call Tax and General Consumption Tax applicable to all calls.
  5. New postpaid sign-ups are subject to deposit, proof of address and credit check requirements before the service is activated.

Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

  1. Unlimited calls and text messages are applicable to local networks in Jamaica only.
  2. Calls and text messages to international destinations, toll free and premium rated numbers will be billed at the standard out of plan rates.
  3. Special Telephone Call Tax and General Consumption Tax are applicable to all calls.
  4. The WhatsApp social media benefit is unlimited for voice calls and text messaging only. Video calls, transfer of voice notes and images will be deducted from the primary data allotment.

Data Usage and Billing

  1. The above plans provide a combination of primary data allotment and unlimited data for access to social media.
  2. The primary data allotment can be used for any data transaction (browsing, apps, games, emails, movies and more).
  3. Any unused primary data allotment will rollover up to a maximum of three times the amount of the current prepaid plan if a 5 Day or 28 Day Plan is auto renewed or repurchased before the current plan expires.
  4. All plan allotments are for local usage only and are not applicable while roaming. 


Unlimited Social Media Benefit

  1. The unlimited social media data benefit is for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram usage through these respective mobile applications only.
  2. Social Media access via websites will be billed from the primary data plan allotment.
  3. When the primary data allotment is exhausted, customers can continue to use data at 2G speeds for the duration of their plan.
  4. Calls, texts and social media usage are subject to Flow’s Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Fair Usage Policies (see which will vary based on the plan selected.
  5. Once Flow’s acceptable normal usage limit has been reached, a customer will be notified via text message, and usage thereafter will be deducted from the primary data allotment or billed at standard pay-per-use rates.


Flow Sports

  1. Flow Sports access is limited to Channel 690 and usage will be billed from the primary data plan.
  2. Access to Flow Sports Channel 690 is applicable when a customer registers for a Flow ID, links their prepaid or postpaid number and has an active mobile plan.
  3. The Flow Sports applications must be downloaded for the benefits to be applicable. Downloads of the Flow Sports and social media mobile applications will be billed from the primary data plan allotment at pay-per-use rates.
  4. Access to Flow Sports video streaming will be blocked for both Wi-Fi and mobile data if a mobile service number is inactive or barred.  Streaming of video content is not guaranteed at 2G speeds.

Flow reserves the right to withdraw or modify these plans at any time. Flow standard terms and conditions for prepaid and postpaid mobile service apply.


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