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Auto-Renew FAQs


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Prepaid Mobile Internet -Auto Renew Flow Lyf


Effective January 29th 2018, Flow Jamaica introduced the auto renew feature on the Prepaid Flow Lyf 2Days & 3Days plan.

What does this mean?

With this new update, all Prepaid Flow Lyf plans will now benefit from auto renew. The Auto renew feature will be automatic and Customers will have to opt out each time if they do not wish to have their plans automatically renewed.

Plans with Auto-renewal feature.

  • Flow Lyf 2Days 275MB
  • Flow Lyf 3Days 400MB
  • Flow Lyf 7Days 600MB
  • Flow Lyf 30Days 850MB
  • Flow Lyf 30Days 1.5GB
  • Flow Lyf 30Days 3GB
A. Auto renew is a feature enabled on your Mobile Internet plan so that your plan will be automatically renewed each time it expires. This will ensure continuous data service without interruption.
A.The auto-renew feature is a very convenient feature that helps you to better control your spend by ensuring that your Mobile Internet plan is always active and reduces the risk of you being charged at the more expensive pay per use rate when your plan expires. However, you are always in control and can stop auto-renew at any time before your plan is due for renewal.
A. Yes, all Flow Lyf prepaid plans will auto renew once the required credit is on the account at the date and time of expiry.
A. Yes, Customers who subscribe to the 3Days, 7Days and 30Days Flow Lyf plans will be sent a text message reminder 48hrs and then 24hrs before auto renewal is done. Customers subscribing to the 2Days Flow Lyf plan will only receive a reminder text notification the day before auto renewal is set to take place.

48hrs reminder message

X Day (X GB) data plan will renew in 2 days. Please be sure to have $XX.XX available for this charge. Dial *787# to stop your next auto-renew

24hrs reminder message

X Day (XGB) data plan will renew tomorrow. Please be sure to have $xx.xx available for this charge. Dial *787# to stop your next auto-renew /div>
A. Yes. Use the main USSD menu (*129#) and select the “Get Active Plan” option which will display all the active plans that will auto renew as well as the time and date of renewal.
A. If you do not have sufficient funds at the time of auto renewal then your plan will not be renewed. You will be sent a text message informing you that you had insufficient funds for renewal.

'Auto-renewal was unsuccessful. Sorry there are insufficient funds to purchase your X Day (XXMB) data package, please topup at least $X.XX and repurchase your plan'
A. Auto renewal will only happen when the expiry date of the plan is reached. If you fully utilize your data volume before the expiry date, the plan will not auto renew before the expiry date, you will still be able to purchase any new plan you desire, however, it is the last plan that is purchased that will auto renew at the expiry date.
A.Yes. Customers will be notified by text once their plan is renewed. “Auto-renewal was successful. Account was billed $XX.XX for your X Day (XXMB) data pkg and will renew 2015-09-07 at 17:23:26. Your primary bal is $XX.XX exps 2016-08-23. “
A. The last plan that you purchase is the one that will auto-renew. For example: if you buy a 1.5GB 30 Days plan on September 1st and a 7Day plan on September 5th , the 7Day plan will be the plan that auto renews.
A. No. Customers who have unused data from their core balance from the expired plan will have that data balance added to the new core balance of the current plan. Only the core data balance will roll over, Social Media and Deezer balances will not rollover.
A. Yes. You can stop the auto-renew any time between when you purchase a plan and when it auto renews simply by dialling *787# send. For ease of remembering the code you can use the alphabet characters *STP# then press send. You will receive immediate confirmation that the request has been received and that auto- renew has stopped.
A. Yes. Each time you purchase the Flow Lyf Mobile Internet plans you will need to stop auto-renew by dialling *787# send if you do not need it.
A. At this time, this functionality is not available on the MyFLOW app?
A. At this time, this functionality is not available on the MyFLOW app
A. Yes, you can dial *STP# (*787#) while roaming. There is no charge for this activity either locally or roaming.
A. No. Roll over data will keep the expiry period of the new plan.