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Postpaid Plans


Postpaid Plans

FAM Postpaid

Go postpaid with FLOW and get a FREE Anywhere Rollover Minutes and up to 3GB of Mobile Internet!

Subscribe to your choice of FAM Postpaid plan and get free rollover mobile internet free rollover minutes to call any network in Jamaica, USA, Canada, China, India, and landlines in Spain and the UK for low monthly fees. Click here for details


Basic Premium Ultra
$1199 + GCT Per Month $2399 + GCT Per Month $3500 + GCT Per Month
600MB of Rollover Mobile Internet 1.5GB of Rollover Mobile Internet 3GB of Rollover Mobile Internet
300 FREE Anywhere Rollover Minutes 600 FREE Anywhere Rollover Minutes 1000 FREE Anywhere Rollover Minutes

Need Internet on your tablet, dongle or MiFi device? Subscribe to a plan that best suits your usage.

Plan Name New Plan Volume New Price* Overage Charge per MB
Casual User 2.5 GB $1,750.00 $9.99
Regular User 5 GB $3,500.00 $9.99
Heavy User 8 GB $5,500.00 $9.99

  * GCT is not included.

data plans
Plans BB Messenger Instant Messaging Social Media POP3 Email Web Browsing
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) $1,499 per month Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry Social $650 per month Yes Yes Yes No No
BlackBerry Chat $749 per month Yes Yes No Yes No


worldpak international
Get more international minutes with a WorldPak Plan
Description WorldPak 900 WorldPak 1200
Monthly Price $900 $1200
Minutes 800 1000
Valid for 30 days 30 days

Call China, India, USA, Canada and landlines in the UK and Spain at low rates with WorldPak International Calling Plans. To activate, visit a FLOW store or call 1-800-804-2994.


Roaming Rates

See our roaming details and rates.


Postpaid Plus

FREE NIGHTS, FREE WEEKENDS and a lower local call rate

Postpaid Plus is only available to existing customers on iPhone and UltraPak plans (expect UltraPak Basic).


Lower call rate

In addition to the existing $1.99 rate to local FLOW mobiles and existing $2.99 rate to landlines and mobiles in USA, Canada and landlines in the UK, postpaid mobile customers can now enjoy $2.99 rate to other local mobile network, FLOW and other landlines in Jamaica.


FREE Nights

Enjoy free unlimited calls from 8:00pm-5:59am, each day Mondays to Thursdays. Free calls can be made to local FLOW mobiles only.


FREE Weekends

Talk for free throughout the weekend from 8:00pm on Fridays to 5:59am on Mondays. Free calls are applicable to local FLOW mobiles only.


How much more do you have to pay?

Enjoy all this for only $500 more per month on iPhone and UltraPak plans (except UltraPak basic)