Residential Postpaid Mobile Plans


Plan NameCurrent RateNew Rate
Free Anywhere Minutes (FAM) Basic$1,299$1,399
Free Anywhere Minutes (FAM) Premium$2,549$2,699
Free Anywhere Minutes (FAM) Ultra$3,700$3,900
UltraPak Basic$999$1,099
UltraPak 300$1,499$1,599
UltraPak 600$2,149$2,249
UltraPak 1200$3,049$3,199
UltraPak 1800$5,499$5,699
UltraPak Xtra$8,199$8,499
IPHONE 01$3,649$3,849
IPHONE 02$5,449$5,749
IPHONE 03$7,999$8,299
MYPLAN - Voice750$1,199$1,299
MYPLAN - Voice500$950$1,050
MYPLAN - Voice1000$1,499$1,599

GCT not included


Plan NameCurrent RateNew Rate
MYPLAN Data 500MB$799$899
MYPLAN Data -1GB$1,199$1,299
MYPLAN Data - 2GB$2,099$2,199
MYPLAN Data - 3GB$3,099$3,249
MYPLAN Data - 5GB$4,799$4,999
MYPLAN - Text 100$499$599
MYPLAN - Text 200$599$699
MYPLAN - Text 300$699$799
WORLDPAK 900$1,100$1,200
WORLDPAK 1200$1,399$1,499

GCT not included


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