Residential Prepaid Voice and Data Plans

Anywhere Talk Plans

Anywhere Talk PlansCurrent Subscription FeeData New Subscription FeeNew Data 
Prepaid Anywhere Talk - 2 Days$150150 MB$170200 MB
Prepaid Anywhere Talk - 7 Days$250350 MB$300400 MB
Prepaid Unlimited Anywhere Talk - 7 Days$650350 MB$700400 MB
Prepaid Unlimited Anywhere Talk - 14 Days$1150800 MB$12501 GB
Prepaid Unlimited Anywhere Talk - 30 Days$20001.6 GB$21501.7 GB
Prepaid Unlimited Anywhere Talk - 30 Days$25003 GB$26503.1 GB

WorldPak International Calling plan

WorldPak International Calling planCurrent Subscription FeeNew Price
WorldPak 7-days$280$320
WorldPak 30-days$1,000$1,100
WorldPak 30-days$1,300$1,400

Faves Plans (Calling Circle)

Faves Plans (Calling Circle)Current Subscription FeeNew Subscription Fee
Faves - 7 days$220$250
Faves - 30 days$650$700


FAMCurrent Subscription FeeDataNew Subscription FeeNew Data
FAM $250250 MB$350350 MB

Flow Lyf Data plans

Flow Lyf Data plansCurrent Subscription FeeCore DataBonus DataNew Subscription FeeNew Core Data
Flow LYF - 2 days$170275 MB25 MB$190325 MB
Flow LYF - 3 days$280400 MB 50 MB $300450 MB
Flow LYF - 7 days$4301 GB50 MB$4501.1 GB
Flow LYF - 30 days$750850 MB 100 MB$850950 MB
Flow LYF - 30 days$10501.5 GB 100 MB$11501.6 GB
Flow LYF - 30 days$18503 GB 100 MB$20003.1 GB

Gig Up Data Plans

Gig Up Data Plans
Current Subscription FeeDataNew Subscription FeeNew Data
Gig up - 2 days$2801 GB$3201.1 GB
Gig up - 7 days$9992 GB$11002.2 GB
Gig up - 14 days$21504.5 GB$22504.7 GB

*For out of plan calls only - Customer's call usage charges are subject to all applicable telecommunication taxes including 25% General Consumption Tax (GCT) and the Special Telephone Call Tax (STC) of JMD$0.40 cents introduced by the Jamaica Government on July 15, 2012. This is a total of $0.50 per minute.


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