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Switch to Flow and Say hello to unlimited

  • Unlimited data plans - Every plan has unlimited data for the apps you really want plus unlimited calls and texts to any network. Choose from 2-Day to 30-Day plans and enjoy unlimited social, YouTube, calls and texts.
  • Plus you get to keep your number – stay connected to friends and family without worry of changing your number.
  • We offer the best value for you to stay connected to your family and friends anytime, on any network, anywhere - even overseas.
  • Choose Flow to connect to your favourite websites, upload/download your files and stay up-to-date on Social Media with one of our unlimited plans.

What is number portability?

Switch to FLOW & Keep Your Number

Number Portability (NP) means you can keep your current mobile or landline number(s) if you decide to switch to FLOW and want to keep your number.

So, switching to FLOW will mean you will not have to advise your friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients that your number has changed. Switch from the other network and keep your number. :)

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