Discoverflow | Jamaica | no-link-between-5g-and-coronavirus


Flow and Digicel are aware of malicious messages and video content that are being circulated referencing 5G technology and linking it to the spread of Coronavirus. To be certain, there is absolutely no scientific or technological proof connecting 5G technology with the spread of the Coronavirus.

On top of this, neither Flow nor Digicel have deployed any 5G infrastructure on our mobile towers to date. Any reports to the contrary are absolutely false.

Our collective focus remains on providing services to new and existing communities across our country. Jamaica is currently navigating through this pandemic and now, more than ever, connectivity is required to support critical Government institutions, businesses and consumers.

Please continue to observe the recommended guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Wellness to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. At a time of heightened fear around the world, we encourage everyone to only rely on information from credible sources so that together, we can all stay safe.