Postpaid Loyalty FAQs | Jamaica

Postpaid Loyalty FAQs

*Applicable to FLOW mobile, FLOW HomePhone and FLOW Broadband customers only (formerly LIME landline and LIME Broadband)


Q. What is FLOW Rewards?
FLOW Rewards is a Loyalty points programme which allows customers to earn and redeem points based on their monthly spend. The objective of the programme is to build loyalty and provide more benefits to our valued customers.


Q. Do I have to sign up for FLOW Rewards?
No, once you have an active FLOW postpaid residential account [Landline, Broadband, or Mobile] you are automatically registered in the Rewards Programme and receive Loyalty Points when you use any of the Services.
N.B: The following customers do not qualify for FLOW Rewards:
• Internet/dial up service
• Prepaid Service (landline or Mobile)
• Company Owned stations
• Any service which has concessions associated with it.
• Business Customers


Q. I have several services (i.e. Home Phone, Broadband and/or Mobile), how will points be earned?
Points are earned at the account level, where an account has multiple service numbers, you will earn Loyalty Points for the Account i.e. 1 Loyalty Point for every $25 (local currency) billed to the account.
Points are awarded/calculated on your total spend/charges after discounts and before taxes.


Q. What is the value of a point?
When using points to purchase merchandize – mobile handsets or accessories each Loyalty Point is valued J$0.50 (local currency).
When using points to purchase American Airlines miles, you will require 5 points to purchase 1 AA mile.
N.B: American Advantage miles must be purchased in multiples of 5.


Q. On which portion of my monthly bill do I earn points on?
You would earn points on the amount listed as “Sub Total” or “Subtotal” on your bill statement, which is your total spend for the billing period less any applicable discounts.
This would not include any previous outstanding charges listed on your bill.


Q. How do I know how many loyalty points I have?

There are two options to view your points.

Option 1 - Your monthly bill will display details of how many points you have available, pending, expired or redeemed.
N.B: If customer is awarded points manually or receives bonus points these will be displayed in the ‘Points Pending’ column

NB: Using this option FLOW Rewards points balance may be delayed up to 48 hours.


Q. What can I use my loyalty points to do?
Loyalty Points may be used to purchase:
• Mobile handsets
• Modems
• Redeem your points for American Airline AAdvantage® miles.

Broadband modems are free to customers taking up FLOW (formerly LIME) services and as such are not sold. However, customers have the option of purchasing the equipment should it go faulty outside of warranty. Dealers do not have these (Broadband Modems) as part of their inventory, as such FLOW rewards points would have to be used in FLOW Owned Stores only.


Q. What does pending, expired and redeemed points mean?
Pending Points : These are points earned on current bill and are ‘held’ in pending state until bill is paid on time and in full. These points cannot be redeemed. Once bill is paid in full and on time, these points move from pending to awarded, at this stage customer may redeem these points.

Expired Points : Points expire for three(3) reasons: (1) if bill is paid after due date [i.e. those points held in pending expire] (2) if account is ceased/terminated (3) if expiry period has elapsed- FLOW reward points have a time value/period of 18 months after they are awarded.

Redeemed Points: Customer has redeemed their points either at a store or online for American Airline miles.