No, to use your International minutes, you need to have a minimum primary balance of $1.00.

Download the mobile app on your new mobile device and login as usual. Then update your ‘connected devices’ under the My Account section when logged into Deezer using a web browser or PC version to unlink your previous device.

Yes, you can re-subscribe to the Premium+ service.

Each month Prepaid customers will get an SMS the day before the renewal is due advising that the subscription will renew the next day and the amount of credit that will be debited. If you want to cancel the service you can do it before the renewal takes place and your service will move to the free version.

The Flow prepaid subscriber cannot register Flow Lend to another prepaid subscriber.

If you do not not have sufficient credit balance to renew the subscription you will get an SMS notification advising that the plan has been cancelled and you will move down to the free service option. You will then need to re-subscribe to the service once you have sufficient credit.

If a customer is paying for Premium+ through their FLOW bill and cancels their postpaid mobile account the Deezer subscription will be removed. Customers will be required to pay the final months subscription for the service and the subscription will be dropped back down to the free service at the end of the monthly cycle.

If you have a Deezer Premium subscription and your FLOW postpaid account suspended, your Deezer Subscription is set to expire in 60 days from the suspension date. If, in 60 days, your account remains suspended, then your Deezer Premium+ subscription will expire and will revert to the free plan. When your FLOW service is restored after bill payment, then your Deezer Premium+ service will be restored.

This feature is available with Deezer Premium+ Once the app is installed, click on the download/sync icon next to the track or album or playlist you want to download. When the icon turns green this means the album or playlist has been downloaded to the mobile device and can be listened to offline (without a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection).

No, this is not currently available.

Yes, you can stream music in the Deezer app whilst roaming. Please remember that use of your mobile phone while roaming will incur roaming charges, this includes music streaming that uses mobile data. Another option is to download the songs before you go off island so that you will not need to use a mobile network to listen to music. Also, it is advised to set your account to only download music via Wi-Fi by turning off the cellular setting in the Deezer app.

No, FLOW has entered into an exclusive partnership with Deezer in promoting their music application to customers across the Caribbean.

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