If there is no update, it means that you are on an older SIM card. You are not required to change your SIM card, however your phone will display LIME until you do. If you wish to change your SIM card then you may visit a LIME or Flow location to do so.

You must restart your phone. If you are out of network range the updates will take effect once you reconnect and your phone will reflect Flow. Otherwise, the next time you are out of our network range the settings will automatically be pushed to your device and display Flow when you’re back on network.

On return to your home location, the settings will automatically be pushed to your mobile device and reflect Flow

The changeover will take place over the next 7 days from today through 29th March 2016

Based on the merger of Cable and Wireless Communications and Columbus, we launched our new consumer brand, Flow. As such we are in the process of a rebranding exercise to the new Flow across all of our markets in the Caribbean.

The fact is, and ECTEL has confirmed, that CWC does not need approval to merge in these markets. Consequently we are moving ahead with the launch and rebranding to Flow in all of our markets across the Caribbean.

No, until further advised there will be no change to your service.

Directory Assistance Service Rate Adjustment


Effective January 1st 2016, Flow will implement a revised calling rate to the Directory Assistance Service.


The cost of Directory Assistance will be adjusted to $237.71 per call. The Directory Assistance number remains 114, however, information will only be available for local numbers. Not all customers will be able to access the 114 service.


Enjoy free use of the Yellow Pages website at jamaicayp.com, the Yellow Pages publication or via the Directory App on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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You will be required to pay off the remaining months in the contract

Yes you can choose any component of your triple play bundle



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