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The Balance and Top-Up screen lets you top up your balance using a Credit Card – or transfer your balance around. Transfer balance subject to the same business rules as the USSD method.

When you choose the Credit/Debit Card Tab, you see the eTopUpOnline page, which lets you use your account to top-up.

Balance Transfer lets you transfer some of your balance to another FLOW prepaid User. Enter the number and amount. Remember that Fees may Apply.

On this screen you will see your balance, a breakdown of your balances across added-on services (if you have any) and you have quick access to Top-Up and Buy Add-Ons.

Click the “Hamburger Button” to see your Navigation Menu which gives you the same options and also lets you transfer balance, check your usage, see software and app version information and reach out to Customer Support.

Clicking the Balances section on the Home Screen will take you to different feature balance options – showing what you currently have left.

Regardless of how you get here, you will see the categories of Add-On you can buy.

Click on an Add- On Category to see which individual Add-Ons you can purchase.

Click the Add-On to expose a Buy- Now Button. Clicking it takes you to a Confirmation Screen.

If you click “Buy Now”, your Add-On will be purchased and your Balance reduced.

You would have to login once the app is closed or if you do nothing in the app for ten minutes.

My Usage

Clicking the “My Usage” entry on the Navigation Menu will take you to a screen showing up to the last 30 days of usage on your account.

You can filter and order this information with the Filter button.

Note: This information is “static” and is not derived from your account.

On this screen you will see your bill, when it was due and your Data Usage.

Click the “Hamburger Button” to see your Navigation Menu which lets you drill down into your balance, pay your bill and reach out to Customer Support

The Navigation Menu also lets you select which number to view.

On the device you last registered to your account, click the Forgot Password Button on the Log In page. Another PIN will be sent to your phone via SMS. Enter the PIN to continue.You will get a password change confirmation.

Postpaid users – use your existing discoverflow.co E-Billing login. Make sure you have at least one cell-phone linked to that account. If you forget your password, please visit discoverflow.co E-Billing platform to reset.

With your My Flow app you can easily view Data Balance – and to the view your bill balance and history.