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No. Roll over is not allowed on the MYFAMILY Base plan. The benefits will expire at the end of each bill cycle.

To view the numbers in your Faves list dial (send)

Sure you can. Once you have an active Gig Up plan you can activate the Gig Up 1GB Booster plan.

Yes, once you are on a contract and you received a free handset you can migrate to a Flow Lyf plan but you will be required to sign another (2) two years contracts.

4G refers to the 4th Generation of mobile technology. First generation (1G) was the analogue standard deployed by mobile networks launched in the early 1980's - Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) in Europe and Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) in the US.

Second generation (2G) was the digital standard utilised by mobile networks launched in the early 1990's (GSM around the world, TDMA/CDMA in the US).

Third generation (3G) was launched in the early 2000's with WCDMA and EVDO as the main standards.

4G is the fourth generation, and was first deployed in networks around 2008-2009.. 4G today mainly refers to Long Term Evolution (LTE), Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) or (High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+)

Yes. You will be required to sign a two (2) year contract once you subscribe to any Post-paid mobile plan.

First, turn your mobile on.
After a few seconds, your mobile should automatically select a network. Your mobile is then ready to use. If your mobile does not automatically select a network, then you will need to do a manual network selection.
To do a manual network selection, just scroll through the mobile menu options to network Selection and select Manual. Then select the FLOW mobile partner listed.

Yes, Customers will be required to register for Flow ID. The Flow ID credentials will allow Customers access to Flow Sports streaming once their account is active.

Your MyCloud account is linked to your service number. You may only have one MyCloud account per service number.

You will receive a bill each month consisting of the Monthly Rental Charge of the plan, plus any call, SMS or Mobile Internet charges outside of the plan benefits as well as the applicable GCT and Special Telephone Call tax.


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