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Below are the out of plan rates for all voice, text or data transactions.

DestinationFlow Lyf 12GBFlow Lyf 4GB and 8GB
Calls to Flow mobile$1.99$6.99
Calls to Flow Fixed Line$1.99$6.99
Calls to Digicel Mobile$1.99$6.99
Calls to Digicel & Flow fixed$1.99$6.99
Calls to LIME regional mobile$15.00$15.00
Calls to LIME regional fixed$15.00$15.00
Calls to USA mobile & Fixed$1.99$6.99
Calls to Canada mobile & Fixed$1.99$6.99
Calls to China mobile & Fixed$1.99$6.99
Calls to India mobile & Fixed$1.99$6.99
Calls to Spain & UK Fixed line Only$1.99$6.99
Calls to Spain & UK Mobile$15.00$15.00
Calls to Cuba$90.00$90.00
Calls to Haiti$35.00$35.00
Calls to Guyana$30.00$30.00
Calls to rest of the world$18.00$18.00
Select International Destinations
Select Destinations A$30.00$30.00
Select Destinations B$60.00$60.00
Select Destinations C$90.00$90.00
Select Destinations D$120.00$120.00
Select Destinations E$300.00$300.00
Select Destinations F$850.00$850.00
DataPer MBPer MB
All out of plan data usage$9.99$9.99
Anywhere SMS(International, local on net, OLO)$6.00/$3.00/$4.00$6.00/$3.00/$4.00
*See full details of select international destinations A-F click here

No, calls to premium rated short codes and Toll Free numbers will be billed at the regular pay as you use rate.

No, the benefits of the Post-paid Flow Lyf plans do not include minutes or data for roaming. Roaming calls or data usage will be charged at the applicable roaming rates.

No, data used for downloading Flow sports apps will decrement your core data plan or will be billed as pay per use.

 Flow Lyf 4GBFlow Lyf 8GBFlow Lyf 12GB
Monthly Fee (GCT not included)$2,499.00$3,599.00$4,999.00
Anywhere bundle Minutes*3006001,000
Text message Bundle(on-net)3006001,000
Core Data Allocation4GB8GB12GB
Free Nights & WeekendNoYesYes
Flow Sports 1YesYesYes

No. All data utilized for Flow Sports will decrement the core data plan or billed as pay per use.

Anywhere minutes can be used to call the following destinations:

  • Flow (mobile and landline)
  • Digicel (mobile and landline)
  • USA (mobile and landline)
  • Canada (mobile and landline)
  • China (mobile and landline)(excluding Hong Kong)
  • India (mobile and landline)
  • UK (landline only)
  • Spain (landline only)

FREE Nights
Enjoy free unlimited calls from 8:00pm-5:59am, each day Mondays to Thursdays. Free calls can be made to local FLOW mobiles only.


FREE Weekends 
Talk free throughout the weekend from 8:00pm on Fridays to 5:59am on Mondays. Free calls are applicable to local FLOW mobiles only. 

Your call usage charges are subject to all applicable telecommunication taxes including 25% General Consumption Tax (GCT) and the Special Telephone Call Tax (STC) of $0.40 cents plus 25% GCT.

The Flow Lyf plans are available to any new Residential postpaid mobile sign up. If you are now a postpaid user on our Ultrapak, MyPlan or FAM package, you may also switch to one of these new Flow Lyf plans.