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Anywhere minutes can be used to call the following destinations:

  • Flow (mobile and landline)
  • Digicel (mobile and landline)
  • USA (mobile and landline)
  • Canada (mobile and landline)
  • China (mobile and landline)(excluding Hong Kong)
  • India (mobile and landline)
  • UK (landline only)
  • Spain (landline only)

FREE Nights
Enjoy free unlimited calls from 8:00pm-5:59am, each day Mondays to Thursdays. Free calls can be made to local FLOW mobiles only.


FREE Weekends 
Talk free throughout the weekend from 8:00pm on Fridays to 5:59am on Mondays. Free calls are applicable to local FLOW mobiles only. 

Your call usage charges are subject to all applicable telecommunication taxes including 25% General Consumption Tax (GCT) and the Special Telephone Call Tax (STC) of $0.40 cents plus 25% GCT.

The Flow Lyf plans are available to any new Residential postpaid mobile sign up. If you are now a postpaid user on our Ultrapak, MyPlan or FAM package, you may also switch to one of these new Flow Lyf plans.

You may visit any of Flow’s Retail Outlets to sign up for the new plans.

Yes, you will be required to pay early termination fee (ETF). This fee is 50% of the monthly recurring charge of your plan times the remaining months on the contract.

Yes, once you subscribe to a new postpaid plan you will be subject to standard credit checks and will be required to pay a deposit of at least JMD$2500.00

Yes, once you are on a contract and you received a free handset you can migrate to a Flow Lyf plan but you will be required to sign another (2) two years contracts.

Each month you will be billed the applicable monthly rental plus any call, text or data charges outside of your allocated benefits as well as the applicable GCT and Special Telephone call tax.

Yes, rollover will apply to both unused minutes, text and core data balance. Any unused minutes, text and core data from the previous month will expire at the end of the following month.  The current month’s allotment must be fully utilized before rollover benefits can be accessed.


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