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Cable & Wireless Holdings, Inc.

Flow requires all users of 2G devices to be upgraded to LTE by September 30,

All Residential and Business Prepaid and Postpaid mobile Customers using a 2G
device will be impacted by the shutdown.

2G is 2nd Generation network which allows the Customer to browse using data at
very slow speeds and also allows text and voice calls.

Flow Jamaica will shutdown the 2G network in order to move Customers onto a
more efficient LTE technology that will provide a much better experience for

Customers may use the following steps to check their device;


If Network Mode has 2G Only as the only option then your device only supports 2G.

Otherwise, Customers may dial *555# send and you will be returned a message with the network mode of your device.

Flow will endeavor to alert all customers who will be impacted via SMS
broadcasts, Newspaper advisories and emails where possible.

No, if you have a 2G only device you will not be able to make a call, send a text or
any data related activities unless you upgrade to an LTE/VoLTE device.

Data services will also be impacted with the 2G shutdown, however upgrading to
an LTE device will guarantee a much faster browsing experience.

Once your sim is a non- LTE SIM then you will be required to upgrade to an LTE
SIM which, along with your new LTE device will allow you to take advantage of our
great Unlimited Talk Text and Social voice and data plans or any of our Business
Mobile voice and data plans.

The 2G/3G device will continue to use our 3G technology for now, however, your
best option is to upgrade to LTE as Flow will also be shutting down its 3G network