Yes. All new FLOW Control subscribers will get a free credit of $30. Please note: The credit expires in 15 days.

Yes, you will be able to review your previously recorded programs. However, you will NOT be able to record any new programs until you have deleted unwanted programs and made space available for further recording. Please refer to the Cloud Video Recording User Guide for advice on Storage Quota Management.

There are several packages available to upgrade storage quota. Please refer to or a Flow Customer Service Representative at 1-888-303 -3000 who will outline the available storage options.

If you reach your storage limit, you will not be able to record any TV programs or series. You would be required to delete programs previously recorded to make space available.

Your available storage quota is displayed in the Recording Library of the Cloud Video Recording menu. To access the Recordings Library, press the PVR button or press the Menu button and use the Left or Right arrow to select to the Recording Library

As part of your subscription package you have been assigned with a predetermined number of hours of storage quota as seen below

StarterBasicExtendedWatch All
5 hours10 hours15 hours15 hours

Storage quota is the number of recording hours that is included as part of your subscription package.

You can record as many programs as you want, once you have the available storage quota to do so.

No, you can only record TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service. VOD and PPV are pay-per-use services and so they cannot be recorded.

You may record all TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service.

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