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As part of your subscription package you have been assigned with a predetermined number of hours of storage quota as seen below

StarterBasicExtendedWatch All
5 hours10 hours15 hours15 hours

‘Adult’ is one of the many Flow OnDemand entertainment categories available for purchase and includes a variety of content suitable for mature audiences only.

Press VOD button on your Flow remote. This will take you to the Flow OnDemand menu option, which contains sub-folders grouped by content category. Both Free and Transactional content will be available for viewing.

Flow on Demand is available to ALL Flow Advanced Video Service customers. There are two options available:

I. Free Flow OnDemand– Content available at no cost and can be viewed anytime you want for FREE. These shows will reflect as $0 on your screen. If you subscribe to Flow’s optional movie packages containing HBO or Fox channels, you will also have FREE access to “HBO on Demand” & “Fox on Demand”.

II. Transactional Flow OnDemand–Content available for purchase for an additional fee. The price for the respective show will be displayed on the screen.

With Flow OnDemand service, also known as Video on Demand (VOD), you can enjoy hundreds of exciting programs suited to all ages, from blockbuster movies, cartoons, kids and family shows, TV series, music videos, even karaoke! Content is available when you want, simply press the ‘VOD’ button on your Flow remote.

Flow’s Advanced Video Service will enable a more customized and interactive user experience for you, our video customer.

No. ESPN Play can only be accessed within Jamaica.

While you must have a FLOW internet account to qualify to use ESPN Play, once registered you can watch ESPN Play on any internet connection anywhere in Jamaica. However, the quality of the internet connection will determine the quality of the viewing experience. For example: A slower connection such as on a 3G or 4G network may result in some buffering while watching the content on ESPN Play.

Convenience – the ability to watch your favourite live and On-Demand ESPN content on the Go and on a variety of mobile devices as well as on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer, regardless of internet connection used.

Variety – ESPN Play offers hours of live and On-Demand sports programmes

Value – ESPN Play delivers additional value for our customers who have both internet and Cable service from FLOW

ESPN Play is the first of the services that FLOW is offering as part of our innovative FLOW ToGo products. In the future, other cable channels as well as our telephone service will be accessible via FLOW ToGo.


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