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How to use my Flow Jamaica TV services?

ESPN Play is the first “on the go” service that FLOW is offering as part of our innovative FLOW ToGo products. With ESPN Play customers will be able to watch Live and on-demand sports programmes from the ESPN network on a computer, smart phone or tablet device. They will be able to watch wherever there is an internet connection.

Press Menu on the remote, use the Left and Right arrows to select the Parental Control (Lock) Screen and press OK
Scroll Up or Down to select Change PARENTAL CONTROL PIN and press the OK to display the Change PIN window

If this is the first time changing your PIN, enter the default PIN (1234) as the Old PIN. If you have already changed the default PIN, enter the most recent PIN. Enter a new 4-digit number in the New PIN section and again in the Repeat New PIN section. Press OK twice to save your new PARENTAL CONTROL PIN. After changing the PIN, you can set your PARENTAL CONTROL to block content based on:Program Ratings/ Content/Channel number/Date and Time

If you have forgotten your PARENTAL and/or PURCHASE PIN, please contact Flow Customer Care Centre at 1-888-303-3000 to reset your PIN(s)

You can remove access to the Adult folder in the Flow on Demand option, by setting your Parental Control options such as the PIN and content ratings.

Yes, VOD purchases can be viewed on all Set Top Boxes (STBs) on the same account. However, if you wish to restrict access on specific STBs in your home, you can do so by setting your Parental Control on each STBs.

If you purchase a movie or general content, you have 24 hours within which to watch the program. Adult content will be available for 12 hours. You can view the purchased program as many times as you want within these time frames

Purchases are billed to your Flow account and the associated charge will reflect on your next month’s bill

Yes, there is a $4,000 credit limit per month on your account

Once you have reached your $4,000 credit limit, you will be required to make a payment to your current bill in order to purchase VOD content once again.

Cloud Video Recording is an advanced service designed to enhance a customer’s television experience by enabling the recording and playback of television programs using cloud based technology, enabled through Flow’s Set Top Box (STB).