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How to use my Flow Jamaica TV services?

You may record all TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service.

No, you can only record TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service. VOD and PPV are pay-per-use services and so they cannot be recorded.

You can record as many programs as you want, once you have the available storage quota to do so.

Storage quota is the number of recording hours that is included as part of your subscription package.

As part of your subscription package you have been assigned with a predetermined number of hours of storage quota as seen below

StarterBasicExtendedWatch All
5 hours10 hours15 hours15 hours

Your available storage quota is displayed in the Recording Library of the Cloud Video Recording menu. To access the Recordings Library, press the PVR button or press the Menu button and use the Left or Right arrow to select to the Recording Library

If you reach your storage limit, you will not be able to record any TV programs or series. You would be required to delete programs previously recorded to make space available.

Press Menu on the remote, use the Left and Right arrows to select the PARENTAL CONTROL (Lock) Screen and press OK Scroll Up or Down to select Change PURCHASE PIN and press the OK to display the Change PIN window if this is the first time changing the PIN, enter the default code (1234) as the Old PIN. If you have already changed the default PIN, please enter the most recent PIN. Enter a new 4-digit number in the New PIN section and again in the Repeat New PIN section. Press OK twice to save your new PURCHASE PIN

It is important that you change your default PURCHASE PIN 1234 in order to minimize unauthorized Flow OnDemand purchases.

The PARENTAL CONTROL PIN does not give access to VOD content as it is different from the PURCHASE PIN. You can change both the PARENTAL CONTROL and PURCHASE PIN at any time when you select the PARENTAL CONTROL (Lock) Screen.