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How to use my Flow Jamaica TV services?

If you have forgotten your PARENTAL and/or PURCHASE PIN, please contact Flow Customer Care Centre at 1-888-303-3000 to reset your PIN(s)

Customers who have both FLOW’s Internet and Cable TV services are eligible to register for ESPN Play.

There is no charge for ESPN Play at this time. However, only those customers who have both FLOW’s Internet and Cable TV services qualify to access this service

Customers will call FLOW Customer Care at 1 888 303 3000 to register for access to ESPN Play

ESPN Play can be viewed on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (recent version).

ESPN Play cannot be viewed on Blackberry devices.

ESPN Play content includes major sporting events in Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Tennis, Golf, Motorsports, Rugby, X Games and much more.

Games and events are available on ESPN Play from 24 hours to more than a week, depending on the sport.

Convenience – the ability to watch your favourite live and On-Demand ESPN content on the Go and on a variety of mobile devices as well as on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer, regardless of internet connection used.

Variety – ESPN Play offers hours of live and On-Demand sports programmes

Value – ESPN Play delivers additional value for our customers who have both internet and Cable service from FLOW

While you must have a FLOW internet account to qualify to use ESPN Play, once registered you can watch ESPN Play on any internet connection anywhere in Jamaica. However, the quality of the internet connection will determine the quality of the viewing experience. For example: A slower connection such as on a 3G or 4G network may result in some buffering while watching the content on ESPN Play.

No. ESPN Play can only be accessed within Jamaica.