Yes, you will be allowed multiple purchases of the Combo plan. 

Flow bundles make it easy to get everything you want and save — with TV, Internet and home phone in one handy package that costs less than getting them separately. It's all on one bill, with just one company to call. Plus, you get extra benefits included, like cloud PVR and Flow Sports 1 — check out the details above. You stay more connected to your favourite things and get a lot for your money.

Well, our new bundles are simple and streamlined, to help make the choices clear and easy. We’ve loaded in popular extras. And we’ve tried to create a bundle for everyone — whether you go for keep-it-simple or pile-on-the-everything.

Yes, a 2-year agreement is required with all of our bundles.

Nope! We want you to love your bundle choice, so you can switch between bundles at any time without penalty.

Rate Adjustment 2018

Dear valued customer,

Please be advised that we will be adjusting the rates for some of our residential products.

These adjustments are as a result of our continued investment in our network to provide LTE mobile technology, high-speed broadband and sophisticated television services. This investment also means that more Jamaicans, particularly in parts of rural Jamaica, will now be able to access and experience these and other advanced services.

As we upgrade and expand our network across the island, it also means building the capacity for future innovative services and products that will further connect communities and transform lives. We remain committed to delivering on this mission as well as providing our customers with the most optimal telecommunications experience.

Please feel free to call us at *100 from a FLOW Mobile Phone, landline or you may also call us at 1-800-804-2994 with any questions that you may have. Thank you for making FLOW your telecommunications service provider of choice.

Thank you for making Flow your telecommunications service provider of choice.

Residential Fixed Line & Broadband Rate Change

Effective March 1, 2018. there will be an increase in the Monthly Rental charge for Residential Landline and Broadband packages.

Price Changes- Fixed Line



Current Rates

New Rates

Flow Landline

Standard Postpaid Plan

$ 1,220.00

$ 1,320.00

Unlimited Fixed to Fixed

$ 1,490.00

$ 1,590.00

Landline Xpress

$ 1,085.00

$ 1,185.00



$ 1,900.00

$ 2,000.00

FLOW Landline

Home Phone Basic

$ 1,300.00

$ 1,400.00

Home Phone Essential

$ 1,600.00

$ 1,700.00

Home Phone Plus

$ 1,900.00

$ 2,000.00


FLOW- Landline

Flow Go

$ 1,050.00

$ 1,150.00

Flow Go 180

$ 1,199.00

$ 1,299.00

Flow Talk To The World

$ 2,199.00

$ 2,299.00

Flow Connect 1

$ 1,099.00

$ 1,199.00

Price Changes- Broadband



Current Rates

New Rates



$ 2,550.00

$ 2,750.00

Mega Plus

$ 2,825.00

$ 3,025.00

Mega Max

$ 3,125.00

$ 3,325.00

Mega Extreme

$ 3,325.00

$ 3,525.00

Mega Thunder

$ 3,799.00

$ 3,999.00

Mega Lightning

$ 4,399.00

$ 4,599.00


$ 3,799.00

$ 4,299.00


$ 4,200.00

$ 5,099.00







Browse & Talk

Browse & Talk Mega Plus Up to 2MB

$ 3,150.00

$ 3,350.00

Browse & Talk Extreme Up to 8MB

$ 3,950.00

$ 4,150.00

Browse & Talk Ignite 12MB

$ 3,750.00

$ 3,950.00

Browse & Talk Super 25MB

$ 4,750.00

$ 4,950.00

Broadband on Homephone Prepaid


$ 2,830.00

$ 3,080.00

Mega Plus

$ 3,055.00

$ 3,305.00

Mega Max

$ 3,355.00

$ 3,555.00

Mega Extreme

$ 3,555.00

$ 3,755.00


Flow Rock/Essential

$ 3,799.00

$ 4,299.00

Flow Rave/Plus

$ 4,399.00

$ 5,099.00

Flow Advance

$ 3,250.00

$ 3,450.00

Flow Surf & Chat

$ 3,500.00

$ 3,800.00

Browse & Talk Plus (4MB)

$ 3,150.00

$ 3,650.00

Browse & Talk Plus (12MB)

$ 3,950.00

$ 4,250.00

prepaid mobile quick access codes

Dial *129# to access the USSD menu or use the direct codes listed in the table below to:

  • View your credit balance
  • Check your data usage
  • Add credit to your number or a friend's number
  • Transfer credit to a prepaid FLOW mobile number
  • Send a Please Call Me request
  • Purchase prepaid mobile plans and more

quick access codes

How to Access

General Info

To access main menu
Dial *129#

To check credit balance
Dial *120#

To add credit (your own number)
Dial *121#{Card/Voucher Number}#

To transfer credit to another number (ME2U)
Dial *128*{Recipient's Phone number}*{amount}#

To make a "Please Call Me" request
Dial *126*{Recipient's Phone number}#

Talk EZ Plan

Activate TALK EZ Plan
Dial *123*1#

Deactivate TALK EZ Plan
Dial *123*2#

To check your TALK EZ Plan status
Dial *123*0#

Mobile Internet

50 MB (1 Day) Plan
Dial *146*3*1#

250 MB (3 Day) Plan
Dial *146*3*2#

2 GB (7 Days) Plan
Dial *146*7#

300 MB (30 Days) Plan
Dial *146*30*1#

500 MB (30 Days) Plan
Dial *146*30*2#

1 GB (30 Days) Plan
Dial *146*30*3#

2 GB (30 Days) Plan
Dial *146*30*4#

WorldPak International Calling Plan

WorldPak250 (Mini WorldPak)
Dial *133*250#

Dial *133*900#

Dial *133*1200#

FLOW Faves

Faves 7 days
Dial *125*7#

Faves 30 days
Dial *125*30#

Faves Enquiry
Dial *125*0#

Add a phone number to your Faves list
Dial *127*1*{phone number}#

Delete a phone number from your Faves list
Dial *127*0*{phone number}#

Delete all numbers in your Faves list
Dial *127*0*0#

These new plans offer the perfect options for your communication needs as it includes a huge amount of data, plus on net text and minutes in one package for one subscription fee.

No, the Flow Lyf plans will still be available and so you will be able to choose the best plan to suit their needs. 

No, these plans do not give bonus data, but the data allotment for each plan is generous and in addition, you get an allotment of minutes and texts that will suit your communication needs. 

Yes, there are no restrictions on the use of the data provided in your Combo package.

No, the voice minutes are only allowed for calls to local Flow mobile and landline and the text allowed to local Flow mobiles only. These benefits are not valid for use on local off net, International or while roaming.

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