Customers who have forgotten their password or need to change their password can do it directly from the User Profile section of the Flow ToGo app OR through the web by visiting

Customers who wish to change their Parental Control options can do it directly from the Account Settings section of the Flow ToGo app. Please note that only admin users are able to change Parental Controls

Customers who wish to change their Parental Control PIN can do it directly from the Account Setting section of the Flow ToGo app or they contact a Flow Customer Service Representative on 1‑800‑804‑2994 who can reset their PIN. Note to do it from the app, the user must be an admin user

If you are having issues logging into the Flow ToGo app, check the following:

  • Internet connectivity is present and you have a strong signal.
  • Go to Flow ID ( try with your username and password entered is both correct.
  • If after multiple attempts have been made with no success, click the "Forgot your password" and type in your account email address. An email entitled "Reset password" will appear in your inbox. Follow the instructions to regain access to your account.

Only individuals with administration rights can setup a sub-profile. This individual is usually the owner of the subscription account.

No, non Flow prepaid customer are unable to request a loan.

No, Flow postpaid subscribers are unable to request a loan.

The loans available are:


Depending on your Flow Lend User Level, loan amounts will vary.

We're sorry that you would like to delete your account. If you want to delete your account and remove your data from MyCloud, please visit a Retail Store or call the Contact Centre. We would really appreciate if you can let us know why you decided to delete your account, so that we can improve our service and perhaps welcome you back in the future.

MyCloud offers Applications for the most popular smartphone, tablet and computer platforms: o Android (2.x, 3.x and 4.x) smartphone and tablet - available on the Android Market o iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 4 and 5) - available on the Apple App Store

Your MyCloud account is linked to your service number. You may only have one MyCloud account per service number.

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