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No. Your cable charges are not calculated on a per channel basis, but rather with due consideration for the programming costs.  As such, we have put together the best packages which will be affordable for our customers.

Following a new agreement with the respective content providers, we are now required to move these channels from their current packages to the ones indicated.

These channels are now included in the packages above.

Customers will be notified via the following channels:

    • Website posting
    • Email Blast
    • SMS Blast

No. Flow Your Own is no longer available. These channels are now included in the packages as follows.

We periodically conduct reviews of our current packages. Customers will be notified if there are any changes.

Yes. Your package will change.

Flow is seeking to bring even more entertainment value to its customers. We will ensure that the market is fully aware of any changes or special offers. We will certainly keep customers informed of changes.

Our customer care representatives (Contact Centre) are always willing to assist or visit any retail store. Please feel free to contact us by dialling 100 from a Flow mobile or landline phone or 1-800-804-2994.