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You can activate the Gig Up Booster through the direct code or main menu
a.Direct Code:
b. Main menu:

        o Dial
        o Then select the Gig Up Combo Plans
        o Then Option 4- Gig Up Booster
                   1. Flow Lyf Plans
                   2. Gig Up Combo Plans
                   3. Disable auto-renewal

                    1. Gig Up 1GB/250mins/2Days
                    2. Gig Up 2GB/50mins/7Days
                    3. Gig Up 4.5GB/1000mins/14Days
                    4. Gig Up Booster
                    0. Back

Anywhere minutes can be used to call the following destinations:

  • Flow (mobile and landline)
  • Digicel (mobile and landline)
  • USA (mobile and landline)
  • Canada (mobile and landline)
  • China (mobile and landline)(excluding Hong Kong)
  • India (mobile and landline)
  • UK (landline only)
  • Spain (landline only)

On return to your home location, the settings will automatically be pushed to your mobile device and reflect Flow

FREE Nights
Enjoy free unlimited calls from 8:00pm-5:59am, each day Mondays to Thursdays. Free calls can be made to local FLOW mobiles only.


FREE Weekends 
Talk free throughout the weekend from 8:00pm on Fridays to 5:59am on Mondays. Free calls are applicable to local FLOW mobiles only. 

In simple terms what this means is that with a compatible smart phone or USB Modem (PC/dongle), you could potentially download a high definition video within in a matter of seconds - twice the speed at which you download it now on a 2G or 3G network.

Though the sector has the capability of delivering a maximum download speed of 21 megabytes per second customers will not realize that optimum speed because there will be other users sharing the sector and everyone is accessing different types and size of data at varying times. As such the speed on the sector is shared among those users.

For example if there is a significant number of users accessing data within a specific location you may not experience a download speed of 21 Mbps, but your user experience is still going to be superior to what you would have on EDGE or 2G.

Customers will be allowed to do all data related activities except Tethering and Mobile hotspot.

FLOW customers need to have an active MyPlan Postpaid data plan to have access to MyCloud. If a customer cancels their MyPlan Postpaid data plan they will lose their access to MyCloud in 30 days. Customers will need to remove their data before the 30 day expiry date or risk losing any stored data.

Calls to destinations that are not included in the bundle will be charged at the rates listed above.

Your pictures, videos, files, contacts, and calendar are secured in your MyCloud account.The mobile app automatically uploads to the cloud all pictures and videos taken with the device, starting from when the app is installed and launched the first time. It is also possible to selectively upload other pictures and videos taken in the past or while the app was not active, through the proper command in the menu.

For files, the app secures to the cloud all those contained in the MyCloud folder of the device.For contacts and calendar, the app considers the items linked to the MyCloud account.It is possible to control through the Settings panel if the refresh with the cloud should happen automatically or be manually triggered, if on Wi-Fi only or on mobile network as well, and if some of the sources have to be temporary deactivated.

You can activate this plan once within a 24 hour period.

Your call usage charges are subject to all applicable telecommunication taxes including 25% General Consumption Tax (GCT) and the Special Telephone Call Tax (STC) of $0.40 cents plus 25% GCT.

The changeover will take place over the next 7 days from today through 29th March 2016