For $3500, you will receive 3GB Mobile Internet plus a 1000 FREE anywhere minutes!

Existing post-paid customers who upgrade to the new Post-Paid FAM plan are not entitled to the free handset offer.

No, Only the Huawei Y300 handset is available for free. All other handset will be charged at the regular price.

All new post-paid customers are subject to standard credit checks and will be asked to pay deposit

Yes, customer will be pay early termination fee (ETF). The ETF will be calculated as follows: 50% remaining months of the contract times the monthly recurring charge

Yes. You will be required to sign a one (1) year once they subscribe to the Post-paid FAM plan.

Customers can visit FLOW Retail Outlets to sign up for the new plans. Existing customers without an existing contract can send keyword “Post-paid FAM” to 444-5463 to upgrade to the Post-paid FAM plan.

The Post-paid FAM plan is available to new customers and existing customers on Ultrabasic, Ultrapak300, Ultrapak600, and Ultrapak1200 plans.

Yes, new customers who subscribe to Post-paid FAM plan will receive a free Huawei Y300 handset.

Yes, your 1000 FREE anywhere minutes will attract Special Telephone Tax and GCT.

The standard (1) one year limited manufacturer’s warranty will be extended to customers. It is only applicable to unmodified Huawei Y300 handsets issue by FLOW.

Each month you will be billed a rental of $3500 plus any call, text and or data charges outside of allocated benefits as well as the applicable GCT and Special Telephone call tax

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