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Once the shared minutes are utilized, each service will be billed an out of plan rate for each additional call, text or Mobile Internet usage.

Calls to LIME mobile$2.99
Calls to LIME Fixed Line$2.99
Calls to Digicel Mobile$2.99
Calls to Digicel & Flow fixed$2.99
Calls to LIME regional mobile$10.00
Calls to LIME regional fixed$10.00
Calls to USA mobile & Fixed$3.99
Calls to Canada mobile & Fixed$3.99
*Calls to China mobile & Fixed$3.99
Calls to India mobile & Fixed$3.99
Calls to UK Fixed line Only$3.99
Calls to Spain Fixed Line Only$18.00
Calls to Spain & UK Mobile$15.00
Calls to Cuba$90.00
Calls to Haiti & Guyana$35.00/$30.00
Calls to rest of the world$18.00
Select International Destinations**
Select Destinations A$30.00
Select Destinations B$60.00
Select Destinations C$90.00
Select Destinations D$120.00
Select Destinations E$300.00
Select Destinations F$850.00
DataPer MB
All out of plan data usage$9.99
Anywhere SMS(International, local on net, OLO)$4.00

*Hong Kong is not included in the bundle minutes for calls to China.

**View details of select destinations at

Calls are billed per second from the commencement of the first second of each call. Customer's call usage charges are subject to all applicable telecommunication taxes including 25% General Consumption Tax (GCT) and the Special Telephone Call Tax (STC) of JMD$0.40 cents introduced by the Jamaica Government on July 15th 2012.

No. Members of the My Family group will enjoy unlimited free calls and text to each other.

Calls to destinations that are not included in the bundle will be charged at the rates listed above.

No. Texts to premium rated short codes will not be discounted from the SMS bundle but will attract the specific rate assigned for each code.

Visit any Flow Retail location and ask for the “My Family” plan and a Customer service representative will be happy to help you.

Yes. Customers will be required to sign a (2) two years contract.

Yes. If the entire service is terminated a fee of 50% of the monthly rental charge * the remaining months on the contract will be billed to the account, however, any of the three (3) additional services may be removed from the account without penalty.

Yes. Customers will be able to subscribe to the existing MYMinutes, MYData and MYText bolt ons.

No. Roll over is not allowed on the MYFAMILY Base plan. The benefits will expire at the end of each bill cycle.

For a low monthly fee of $11,199 plus G.C.T, the “My Family” plan allows a maximum of 4 Residential Postpaid customers the following fabulous benefits;

  • Unlimited talk and text to each other.
  • 1200 minutes to be shared among the 4 users to call;
    • Flow Mobile and Fixed lines.
    • Local third Party Mobile & Fixed lines.
    • Flow regional Mobile & Fixed lines.
    • Mobile & Fixed line numbers in USA, Canada, India, China (Excluding Hong Kong).
    • Fixed Line Only in UK and Spain.
  • 200 anywhere SMS to be shared among the 4 users.
  • 6GB of Mobile Internet to be shared among the 4 users.(1.5Gb assigned to each user)

You will receive a bill each month consisting of the Monthly Rental Charge of the plan, plus any call, SMS or Mobile Internet charges outside of the plan benefits as well as the applicable GCT and Special Telephone Call tax.

No. This plan is for Postpaid Residential Customers only.


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