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Our customer care representatives (Contact Centre) are always willing to assist or visit any retail store. Please feel free to contact us by dialling 100 from a Flow mobile or landline phone or 1-800-804-2994.

No. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this service for FLOWControl subscribers

Your FLOW Control Pre-Paid Landline service will offer all of the common calling features except Call Forwarding.

If you reach your storage limit, you will not be able to record any TV programs or series. You would be required to delete programs previously recorded to make space available.

Press Menu on the remote, use the Left and Right arrows to select the PARENTAL CONTROL (Lock) Screen and press OK Scroll Up or Down to select Change PURCHASE PIN and press the OK to display the Change PIN window if this is the first time changing the PIN, enter the default code (1234) as the Old PIN. If you have already changed the default PIN, please enter the most recent PIN. Enter a new 4-digit number in the New PIN section and again in the Repeat New PIN section. Press OK twice to save your new PURCHASE PIN

No, recording hours are allotted at the account level.

ESPN Play can be viewed on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (recent version).

ESPN Play cannot be viewed on Blackberry devices.

No, the Advanced Video Service is not available to business customers at this time.

No. Your cable charges are not calculated on a per channel basis, but rather with due consideration for the programming costs.  As such, we have put together the best packages which will be affordable for our customers.

Yes. You can make emergency calls to 110, 119, 311, 811 free of charge.

Once you’ve applied for FLOW Control, it takes about three (3) to five (5) working days to get it installed.

Your available storage quota is displayed in the Recording Library of the Cloud Video Recording menu. To access the Recordings Library, press the PVR button or press the Menu button and use the Left or Right arrow to select to the Recording Library