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Flow’s Personal Cloud Video Recording service is network-based and the storage quota is assigned to your account and not to the STB. The amount of STBs in the home will not determine the storage quota.

You can remove access to the Adult folder in the Flow on Demand option, by setting your Parental Control options such as the PIN and content ratings.

Yes. You can an optional TV plan to the TV component of your triple play bundle

ESPN Play is the first of the services that FLOW is offering as part of our innovative FLOW ToGo products. In the future, other cable channels as well as our telephone service will be accessible via FLOW ToGo.

If your set top box is stolen or rendered useless, the recorded content will be safely stored in the cloud for future use, as soon as a new set top box is installed, the content will again become available for viewing at your convenience.

No. Flow Your Own is no longer available. These channels are now included in the packages as follows.

Once you have selected your password, you can now place channels under Parental Control.
Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll
ENTER #2 Parental Control
Type in your password; Then press ENTER
ENTER #1 Parental Control Guide
Use the CHAN keys to highlight the channel (s) you want to block
Press SELECT after each channel you choose to block
Repeat this process for as many channels as you would like to place under parental control
Take off and then put on STB to activate the Parental Control
You have successfully blocked the channels you want under Parental Control.

No. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to add credit to your Flow Control account from your own Flow Control line.

Yes, you will be able to review your previously recorded programs. However, you will NOT be able to record any new programs until you have deleted unwanted programs and made space available for further recording. Please refer to the Cloud Video Recording User Guide for advice on Storage Quota Management.

If you have forgotten your PARENTAL and/or PURCHASE PIN, please contact Flow Customer Care Centre at 1-888-303-3000 to reset your PIN(s)

Games and events are available on ESPN Play from 24 hours to more than a week, depending on the sport.



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