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You'll save more money every month when you sign-up for three or four of our services. Bundle involves adding three or more services together in the same household or under one account/one bill. Choose from Triple Play with TV+Home Phone+Broadband or Quad Play when you add postpaid mobile to TV+Home Phone+Broadband.

No. ESPN Play can only be accessed within Jamaica.

Yes. However in order to have a true high definition experience, you are required to have a high definition television set.

Following a new agreement with the respective content providers, we are now required to move these channels from their current packages to the ones indicated.

Your remote control is simple to program, easy to use, and can operate up to five devices, including cable set top terminals, televisions, VCRs, DVDs and audio for CD players. Before you can use your remote control, it must be programmed (set up) to operate the above devices.

Before you get started

Some of the special features and buttons on your remote control are as follows:

Memory Guard®

Eliminates reprogramming after battery changes.

Time Out

Shuts remote off if any button is pressed and held for 45 seconds. This extends battery life in the event the remote becomes lodged under or between heavy objects.


Lets you reset your remote to its original default settings. To do this press, the CABLE and OK button together and hold both buttons down until the CABLE button lights up. Then press MENU, then MENU again. The CABLE button will blink and go out.

Install two new AAA alkaline batteries as indicated by the diagram in the battery compartment. When the batteries become low and need to be replaced, the SAT, TV, VCR, DVD, AUDIO buttons will not illuminate normally or at all during use. When this happens, replace the existing batteries with two new AAA alkaline batteries. Your remote control has Memory Guard which eliminates the need for reprogramming after battery changes.

It’s also pre-programmed to operate Motorola DCT digital set top terminals. If, for some reason, you need to set your remote to operate your set top box, follow the instructions below:

1. Press OK/SEL, then press MUTE together until the power/mode buttons illuminate in slow rotation (i.e. CABLE > TV > VCR > DVD > AUDIO > CABLE)

2. The three digit code for the Motorola DCT is 001. Enter this into the keypad of the remote control. The cable set top terminal will turn off.

3. Then, press OK/SEL to lock in the code. The POWER button will blink 3 times and go out.

Programming TV, VCR, DVD, and/or audio devices

Code Entry Programming

1. Turn off all the electronic devices (TV, VCR, DVD, AUDIO) you want to program the remote to operate

2. Press OK/SEL then MUTE together until the power/mode buttons illuminate in slow rotation


3. To program your TV, locate the three digit code for your brand in the TV Setup Code list and enter it on the keypad of the remote control. Entry of the correct code will cause your TV to turn off. If multiple codes are listed for your brand you may have to enter different codes until your TV turns off.

4. As soon as you have entered a 3 digit code that turns your TV off, press MUTE

5. If the TV turns back on, press OK/SEL to lock in the code. The power/mode buttons will blink 3 times and go out.

ii. Or if the TV does not turn back on, enter a different 3 digit setup code until your TV turns back on. Then press OK/SEL to lock in the code. The power/mode buttons will blink three times and go out.

4. To program your VCR or DVD, refer to the VCR or DVD Setup Code lists and repeat the second and third steps above

Customers who subscribe to channels via Flow Your Own (FYO)/Cable Your Way (CYW) will no longer be charged for these packages.

When the last card added to your account expires, your account will be suspended. This means that you’ll still be able to receive calls, but you won’t be able to make any calls out – until you add more credit to you account. Once you have added more credit to your account, any unused credit that was on your account before it was suspended will be automatically available to you once again.

No, you will not lose your recordings as all content is stored virtually.

If you purchase a movie or general content, you have 24 hours within which to watch the program. Adult content will be available for 12 hours. You can view the purchased program as many times as you want within these time frames

You will be required to pay off the remaining months in the contract

While you must have a FLOW internet account to qualify to use ESPN Play, once registered you can watch ESPN Play on any internet connection anywhere in Jamaica. However, the quality of the internet connection will determine the quality of the viewing experience. For example: A slower connection such as on a 3G or 4G network may result in some buffering while watching the content on ESPN Play.

If the electricity goes while content is being recorded, the recording will still be carried out by the backend systems and stored in the cloud and can be retrieved for viewing when electricity returns.


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