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The main advantages of switching to the Advanced Video Service are as follows:
The ability to re-start any show on any channel from the beginning.
The ability to record any show on any channel to the cloud so you never miss your favourite show again.
More high definition channels as standard for all subscribers.
New Video On Demand interface with the newest blockbuster movies and classic favourites at your fingertips.

The viewing window for purchased Video On Demand content are 24 hours for general VOD content and 12 hours for adult content.

You can record as many programs as you want, once you have the available storage quota to do so.

‘Adult’ is one of the many Flow OnDemand entertainment categories available for purchase and includes a variety of content suitable for mature audiences only.

No, recorded content cannot be copied.

No, credit limits are set at $4,000 JMD, customers who have reached that limit and wish to make additional purchases will be required to clear their balance before additional purchases can be made.

No, you can only record TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service. VOD and PPV are pay-per-use services and so they cannot be recorded.

Press VOD button on your Flow remote. This will take you to the Flow OnDemand menu option, which contains sub-folders grouped by content category. Both Free and Transactional content will be available for viewing.

A total of sixty two (62) high definition channels are currently available on our Advanced Video Service. However, channel lineups are subject to change without notice.

No, once the customer has committed to purchasing the content, they will not have to ability to cancel content already purchased.

You may record all TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service.

Flow on Demand is available to ALL Flow Advanced Video Service customers. There are two options available:

I. Free Flow OnDemand– Content available at no cost and can be viewed anytime you want for FREE. These shows will reflect as $0 on your screen. If you subscribe to Flow’s optional movie packages containing HBO or Fox channels, you will also have FREE access to “HBO on Demand” & “Fox on Demand”.

II. Transactional Flow OnDemand–Content available for purchase for an additional fee. The price for the respective show will be displayed on the screen.