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No. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this service for FLOWControl subscribers

Your FLOW Control Pre-Paid Landline service will offer all of the common calling features except Call Forwarding.

Yes. You can make emergency calls to 110, 119, 311, 811 free of charge.

Once you’ve applied for FLOW Control, it takes about three (3) to five (5) working days to get it installed.

If you find faults on your FLOW Control service, please call our Customer Care Centre at 1 888 303-3000.

You can apply for FLOW Control by visiting your closest FLOW Branch Office, by sending us an email [link to contact us – email] or by calling our Customer Care Centre at 1 888 303-3000. Please note: to subscribe to FLOW Control, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Flow’s postpaid internet services.

Yes. You can change your FLOW Control service to FLOW postpaid landline service.

FLOW Control is available in Kingston, St. Andrew, Portmore, May Pen, Mandeville, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and some areas of Spanish Town where FLOW provides all three (3) services (TV, Phone and Internet). If your area only has TV service, you won’t be able to get FLOW Control until our network is upgraded in your area.

There is no monthly charge for FLOW Control prepaid landline service.

The cost of installation for FLOW Control is $1,995 + GCT


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