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Besides being a Flow Evo customer, access to a high quality broadband connection with a relatively strong Wi-Fi signal is required Customers can also access Flow ToGo over a commercial wireless network; however, data usage and/or roaming charges may apply.

Yes, the Flow ToGo app can be used outside the country where the service was activated. However, because of agreements with content providers and country regulations some of the content and functionality cannot be accessed.

Click the register button, enter the requested details and click. Enter the PIN that you receive via SMS. (This app does not collect email addresses of prepaid users.)

  • From a Computer:
  • iPhone and iPad search on the Apple store for "Flow ToGo"
  • Android (Smartphone and Tablet) search for "Flow ToGo" on the Play Store

For some content, Flow has only negotiated limited rights to display on the Flow ToGo app. Currently, ESPN Play and other programming are only available within the country where the service was activated.

If you are having issues logging into the Flow ToGo app, check the following:

  • Internet connectivity is present and you have a strong signal.
  • Go to Flow ID ( try with your username and password entered is both correct.
  • If after multiple attempts have been made with no success, click the "Forgot your password" and type in your account email address. An email entitled "Reset password" will appear in your inbox. Follow the instructions to regain access to your account.

Prepaid users – you must “register” to use the app. You enter your phone number and then this connects the device and your phone number. Multiple devices can manage the same phone number but each device needs to be registered independently.

You must go through the registration process: If you have never used the app on this phone before If you put your SIM in a new phone Uninstall and reinstall the app on the same phone

Yes, customers can use the Flow ToGo app at any location where an accessible Wi-Fi connection exists.

If you can't view any television channels, please check the following:

  • That you are connected to either Wi-Fi or the Cellular network
  • You currently logged into Flow ToGo. To check, log out and then login again.
  • Scroll down the Electronic Program Guide to Channel 100 (Flow TV) and select Watch Channel. If this program plays then you can watch Television.

Only individuals with administration rights can setup a sub-profile. This individual is usually the owner of the subscription account.

With your My Flow app you can easily view Data Balance – and to the view your bill balance and history.