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  • free up some space
  • from your MyCloud Android app: you can delete some of your Pictures, Videos or files; NOTE: deleting from the phone gallery is not effective, because the file remains secured in the cloud.
  • from your Windows PC: delete some files from your MyCloud folder, or drag them out of the folder.
  • from the MyCloud Portal: delete some Pictures, Videos or Files; NOTE: if you think you might want to re-add those to the cloud, download them first to your computer and upload back to the cloud once more storage is available.

WARNING: once you delete some Pictures/Videos/Files from your digital life, they won't be available anymore on the Portal, in your mobile device and in the MyCloud folder on your computer. To save them to be able to re-add in the future, make sure to save them on your computer out of the MyCloud folder, and then once you want to re-add do it from the Portal or drag them into the MyCloud folder.

All MyPlan Postpaid data customers will receive a free allowance of MyCloud storage. Customers will then be able to upgrade to the MyCloud premium plans at the rates below:

MyCloud Storage

MyCloud StorageMyCloud Pricing per Month
3GB StandardFREE
25GB Premium$349.00
50GB Premium$$669.00

MyCloud makes it easy to secure, sync, and share digital content on your mobile devices and computers, automatically and wirelessly, via the cloud. MyCloud affords you the ability to seamlessly access content such as media files and documents while on the go. With MyCloud, there is little need to worry about file storage and device overload. It's your own cloud that you control, so you know that your videos, photos, music and documents are in one safe place…your place.

We are happy to respond to all your queries. You may contact us via the MyCloud portal using the Help link or you may contact our Contact Centre at

Yes. However, you will be restricted to downloading data only. You will not be able to upload to or share new content to your MyCloud account.

Password resets are available via the MyCloud portal or by calling our Contact Centre at

When you sign up forMyPlan Postpaid data plan, you have an option to activate a free allowance of MyCloud storage.

To access your MyCloud account:
You need to login to the application on your device.
During registration, you will be required to provide an email account.
Once registered, you will receive a confirmation text with your pass code.
This pass code will be required to login to their MyCloud account.

FLOW customers need to have an active MyPlan Postpaid data plan to have access to MyCloud. If a customer cancels their MyPlan Postpaid data plan they will lose their access to MyCloud in 30 days. Customers will need to remove their data before the 30 day expiry date or risk losing any stored data.

Your pictures, videos, files, contacts, and calendar are secured in your MyCloud account.The mobile app automatically uploads to the cloud all pictures and videos taken with the device, starting from when the app is installed and launched the first time. It is also possible to selectively upload other pictures and videos taken in the past or while the app was not active, through the proper command in the menu.

For files, the app secures to the cloud all those contained in the MyCloud folder of the device.For contacts and calendar, the app considers the items linked to the MyCloud account.It is possible to control through the Settings panel if the refresh with the cloud should happen automatically or be manually triggered, if on Wi-Fi only or on mobile network as well, and if some of the sources have to be temporary deactivated.

You can access the MyCloud Portal from any computer browser, at theurl

The Portal offers a full view of your digital life, and you can:

  • Add new pictures/videos/files to the cloud
  • Download cloud items on your computer
  • Share items on social sites (like Facebook, Flickr...) or via email
  • Import your Google address book and calendar, or contacts' pictures from Facebook.

Many other services are available online.

For smartphones or tablets, look for the MyCloud app in the corresponding store:

  • for Android: Android Market or Amazon Appstore
  • for iOS: Apple App Store For computers, you need to login into the MyCloud portal and in the MY COMPUTER widget select your platform.

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