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Yes, you will still have access to your unlimited social media and YouTube data benefits.

Sure you can. We have 2 affordable add-on data options you can choose from.

Data AllotmentDurationCostDirect Codes

No, your unused benefits from another plan will not rollover if you activate one of the unlimited talk and social plans.

Yes it will. Your unlimited talk and social plans will auto-renew at the date and time your plan expires, once you have enough credit to complete the transaction.

Yes, you will receive a text reminder 24 and 48 hours before auto-renewal of the 5-Day and 28-Day plans and a 24 hour reminder on the 2-Day plan.

If this happens, the auto renewal process will fail, and a text message alert will be sent to your phone. To re-activate your plan dial *129*6#.

Sure you can. If you decide to disable auto-renew simply dial *787#. This should be done before your existing plan expires.

  • On first purchase, you can activate the Unlimited 30-Day plan for $4900
  • You will maintain this discounted price, once you continue to auto-renew your plan.
  • If you decide against auto-renewal, you will lose your $300 discount and instead pay $5200
  • If this happens, you can reclaim your $300 discount on your next auto-renewal and restore your plan cost to $4900

Your unused primary data allotment will rollover to your current plan up to a maximum of 3 times, if the plan is auto renewed or re-purchased before it expires. This is applicable to the 2-Day, 5-day and 28-Day plans.

Rollover does not apply to the 30-Day Unlimited Plan.

Yes it will. Your unused data allotment will rollover to your current plan up to a maximum of 3 times, if your plan is auto-renewed or re-purchased before the current plan expires.

Rollover does not apply to your unlimited social media, YouTube, talk or text benefits.

No, each plan will have its own data allotment and expiration date.


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