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The FAM plan give prepaid mobile customers 350MB data and 200 Anywhere minutes for a low rate of $350. Plan expires in 24 hours.

  • You can subscriber by doing the following:
    • send
    • send and select the voice option

No, your 200 anywhere minutes do not attract any additional Govt tax.

The FAM plan will expire 24 hour from activation.

This plan is applicable to all residential prepaid mobile customers.

No. The FAM plan can only be purchased once within 24 hours?

No, this plan doesn’t not facilitate rollover of minutes or data.

Yes, once your plan is active you will still be able to access your Anywhere minutes. The reverse is also true: If you exhaust your anywhere minutes and your plan is active, you will still be able to use your 350MB data bundle.

Yes, you are able to purchase additional data plans while on the FAM plan or after the FAM plan has been exhausted or has expired.

To check that you are on the plan dial

Yes, once your plan has expired you will be notified via text message.