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Yes, you will be required to pay early termination fee (ETF). This fee is 50% of the monthly recurring charge of your plan times the remaining months on the contract.

No. Roll over is not allowed on the MYFAMILY Base plan. The benefits will expire at the end of each bill cycle.

Yes, once you subscribe to a new postpaid plan you will be subject to standard credit checks and will be required to pay a deposit of at least JMD$2500.00.

No. A single bill will be generated but will detail all the usage of each service on the account as well as the applicable discounts.

Yes, Customers will be allowed to upgrade to this plan once they sign the two (2) year contract, however they will not be entitled to a free phone offer.

Each month you will be billed the applicable monthly rental plus any call or text charges outside of allocated benefits as well as the applicable GCT and Special Telephone call tax.

Yes, unused minutes will roll over for (1) one month, which means unused minutes from the previous month will expire at the end of the following month. The Current month’s allotment must be fully utilized before rollover benefits can be accessed.

Yes, the minutes and monthly rental charge are all pro-rated. This means that the benefits are allocated on a 30-Day cycle. If the period of use is less than 30days then the benefits and charges will be pro- rated accordingly.

Below are the out of plan rates for all voice and text transactions.

Calls to Flow mobile$1.99
Calls to Flow Fixed Line$1.99
Calls to Digicel Mobile$1.99
Calls to Digicel & Flow fixed$1.99
Calls to LIME regional mobile$15.00
Calls to LIME regional fixed$15.00
Calls to USA mobile & Fixed$1.99
Calls to Canada mobile & Fixed$1.99
Calls to China mobile & Fixed$1.99
Calls to India mobile & Fixed$1.99
Calls to Spain & UK Fixed line Only$1.99
Calls to Spain & UK Mobile$15.00
Calls to Cuba$90.00
Calls to Haiti$35.00
Calls to Guyana$30.00
Calls to rest of the world$18.00
Select International Destinations
Select Destinations A$30.00
Select Destinations B$60.00
Select Destinations C$90.00
Select Destinations D$120.00
Select Destinations E$300.00
Select Destinations F$850.00
DataPer MB
Anywhere SMS(International, OLO)$6.00/$4.00
See full details of select international destinations A-F click here

No, this plan allows Customers unlimited use of internet so Customers will not be charged any overage for data.

Customers will be allowed to use normal 2G/3G/4G/LTE speeds, depending on coverage area up to the fair usage allowance of 15GB. Those Customers who utilize more than 20GB per month will experience a reduction in speed down to 2G until the next bill cycle.

Customers will be allowed to do all data related activities except Tethering and Mobile hotspot.