Customers with an active Gig Up Plan can purchase an additional 1GB of data for only $100, which is valid for 24hours.

Once your plan expires, you will be sent a text message alert.

Yes, you will still have access to your Gig Up Booster plan allotment once the plan is still active.

Where you have an active Gig Up, Flow Lyf and Booster plan, the data allotment will be used in the following order:
o The Gig Up Booster will be used first
o Then the Gig Up Plan
o Followed by your Flow Lyf data
Each plan will maintain its separate expiry date and allotment

Your Gig Up Booster Plan Allotment will be used first, then your Gig Up Data plan benefit.

Sure you can. Once you have an active Gig Up plan you can activate the Gig Up 1GB Booster plan.

Unfortunately no, to purchase the Booster plan, you must have an active Gig Up Plan.

No, auto renew does not apply.

Your Gig Up 1GB Booster plan expires in 24 hours, rollover does not apply.

No, only one (1) Gig Up Booster plan can be purchased within 24 hours. You can purchase a new Gig Up Booster once the first one expires at 2:00pm on June 12.

You can activate this plan once within a 24 hour period.

You can activate the Gig Up Booster through the direct code or main menu
a.Direct Code:
b. Main menu:

        o Dial
        o Then select the Gig Up Combo Plans
        o Then Option 4- Gig Up Booster
                   1. Flow Lyf Plans
                   2. Gig Up Combo Plans
                   3. Disable auto-renewal

                    1. Gig Up 1GB/250mins/2Days
                    2. Gig Up 2GB/50mins/7Days
                    3. Gig Up 4.5GB/1000mins/14Days
                    4. Gig Up Booster
                    0. Back

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