With Flow Faves, prepaid mobile customers on the XL Value plan can enjoy discounted bundle minutes and unlimited text messages to five (5) mobile/landline numbers on the Flow network.


Plan Options




How to activate

7 days plan

200 minutes + Unlimited Text messages



30 days plan

600 minutes + Unlimited Text messages



Faves Quick Codes

Faves Inquiry

How to access

Add a phone number to your Faves list

*127*1*7 digit telephone number #

Delete a phone number from Faves list

*127*0*7 digit telephone number #

Delete all numbers in your Faves list


To check the numbers in your FAVES




Yes, you can purchase additional WorldPak plans as often as you wish.

Dial *120# send. The message received will indicate the primary and other balances you may have.

Example: “Your primary bal is $24.95 exps 2012-10-29, Intl bal 897 mins exps 2012-03-25”.

The int’l bal represents your WorldPak plan minutes.


No, to use your International minutes, you need to have a minimum primary balance of $1.00.

This process is called Porting. Porting is the process of moving your number from one service provider to another. Visit a FLOW store or any of our authorized dealers to get started.

Porting to FLOW is free. :)

We do not charge you to port your number to us. If you are a postpaid mobile or a landline customer, please ensure that you settle all outstanding charges with your current service before you begin the switch to FLOW.

  1. You must go to a FLOW store or one of our authorized dealers, inform the representative that you're interested in a FLOW service and that you would like to keep your existing phone number. NOTE: Porting is not available by telephone or online.
  2. The staff will ask you to complete an application form together with a “Porting Request Form”.

When porting your number, please be ready to provide/do the following:

  • Proof of identity, either a valid and current passport or Driver’s Licence, National Identification Card or other photo ID; and
  • In the case of mobile ports, you will be required to provide your mobile handset and SIM card from the other network, after submitting your porting request you will be asked to text the word “PORT” to the number 444-PORT(7678). The text must be sent from the number which you intend to port. Texts to the designated mobile port request number will be free of charge.
  • A copy of a recent telephone bill from your current service provider, in the case of landline (fixed). The name on the recent bill must match the name on the corresponding photographic identity document used to authoriz the porting request. In the case of business accounts, proof of authorization to deal with the account by the person submitting the request must be given.
  • In the case of landline (fixed) ports, after submitting your porting request , you will receive an email or SMS asking you to make a call to the special porting number 444-PORT(7678) and submit the PIN which is provided in the email or SMS. The call must be made from the number which you intend to port. Calls to the designated fixed line port request number will be free of charge.
  • You will receive an email or text confirming that your request is being processed.

Customers can purchase bundled minutes to call select international destinations and save even more on overseas calls.

There are three (3) Prepaid WorldPak options available:


Plan Minutes


Valid For

How to activate




7 Days





30 Days





30 Days


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Deezer Premium+ offers an ad-free experience with HD audio quality and the option to listen when offline.

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Music sharing



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