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Fair Usage Policy

What is Flow’s Fair Usage Policy?

Flow’s Fair Usage Policy (“FUP”) is applicable to residential customers only and is intended to ensure that as you share common infrastructure and network resources, you will not have unfair disruption of access to our fixed and mobile telephony, broadband, or mobile internet (“Services”). Mobile internet Services refer to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based internet services, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, a feature phone, a tablet computer or a dongle, which are connected to our mobile network. Fixed services refer to access to residential landline, broadband, and cable television. The FUP does not apply to commercial plans or business use of our network. We manage our shared network resources to determine excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent use which may impact the reliable operation of our network and/or the quality of our Services.


How does the Fair Usage Policy affect Unlimited Plans?


Flow’s residential plans or offers include unlimited fixed, mobile voice, internet and text messaging. Flow’s unlimited plans and offers are set based on an estimated average usage (“Average Usage”) of our Services specific to call volume, call length and data usage per plan or offer. The Average Usage may vary depending on the plan you purchase. Some users may take a disproportionately greater share of the network resources and as a consequence, other users suffer a diminished experience. Where the customer exceeds the Average Usage per plan or offer, Flow reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to either charge you at the plan’s standard rates or to suspend, modify, restrict or withdraw the use of Service. If you exceed the usage associated with the relevant plan or offer, Flow will not be liable for the quality, integrity or continuation of your Service.

Unlimited Plan Benefits

Calls, texts and social media usage are subject to the FUP which will vary based on the plan you have selected. Once Flow’s Average Usage limit has been reached, you will be notified via text message, and any usage thereafter will be deducted from your primary data allotment or billed at standard pay-per-use rates. If you have purchased an unlimited data plan, you may continue to access data at reduced speeds.