Discoverflow | Jamaica | TERMS & CONDITIONS – RISE



  1. RISE is available to prepaid residential mobile customers only until such date as otherwise determined by Flow. 
  2. Digicel residential mobile customers may port-in and trade-in their Digicel mobile phone and active SIM Card.
  3. The RISE phone can only be used on the Flow network.
  4. The RISE SIM Card can only be used in the RISE phone and allows access to the RISE prepaid plan.
  5. Non-RISE SIM Cards cannot be used in a RISE handset and will not have access to the RISE prepaid plan.

RISE Plan and rates

  1. The RISE plan includes unlimited local calls (landlines and mobile numbers), unlimited data and 20 local text messages for 24 hours.
  2. If the RISE data allotment is exhausted, you can continue to use data at 2G speeds for the duration of your plan.
  3. This plan can be activated by dialing *123*1#
  4. This plan will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period once there is enough credit. Customers may opt out of auto renewal by dialing *787#.
  5. There is no Pay as you go for local voice, data or text messages on expiration of your RISE plan.
  6. Data usage is subject to Flow’s Prepaid Mobile Fair Usage Policy (see
  7. All plan allotments are for local use only and are not applicable while roaming.
  8. There will be no access to tethering or use of the phone as a hotspot.
  9. Calls to international destinations, toll free and premium rated numbers as well as text messages to premium rated numbers will be billed at the standard out of plan rates.

RISE benefits

  1. You may be eligible to receive the fee you paid for the RISE phone in top up (to be use on the RISE phone only) once you meet the following conditions:
    1. Remain as an active RISE customer for a continuous period of 12 months
    2. Accumulate a minimum of $7,000 in top up on your RISE number over the same 12 months period
  2. On activation of the RISE Service you will receive a Welcome Balance of unlimited local talk and data valid for 24 hours. If you purchase a RISE plan within the first two hours of activating your RISE service, you will receive an additional of 2 days of the same benefits.

General conditions

  1. Credit transfer, Flow Lend, Roaming, Worldpak plans and Please Call Me are available to RISE customers.
  2. Flow reserves the right to withdraw or modify these plans at any time. 
  3. This offer is applicable to RISE customers only and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  4. Special Government Telephone Call Tax and General Consumption Tax applicable to all out of plan calls. 
  5. Flow Terms and Conditions apply.