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HBO Max®

With TV series, movies, documentaries, children ́s content, HBO Max® is quality entertainment wherever, whenever and however you want it.

Also comes with access to the HBO Max app, available on digital platforms.

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511ChannelHBO Pop
512ChannelHBO Family (East)
514ChannelHBO Plus (East)
515ChannelHBO Signature
516ChannelHBO Caribbean
520ChannelHBO Mundi
521ChannelHBO Xtreme
127ChannelFox News Channel HD
129ChannelSky New HD
175ChannelComedy.TV HD
214ChannelDisney Jr. Latin America
252ChannelCooking Channel HD
256ChannelTravel HD
260ChannelRECIPE.TV HD
263ChannelMyDestination.TV HD
264ChannelPets.TV HD
200ChannelBaby First TV
406ChannelClubbing TV HD
411ChannelMTV 2
610ChannelBET Gospel
304ChannelTV Chile (Spanish)
215ChannelGINX HD
262ChannelCars.TV HD
711ChannelGolf Channel
712ChannelSportsMax HD
713ChannelSportsMax 2 HD
300ChannelTVE News (Spanish)
303ChannelTVE International (Spanish)
306ChannelTV5 (French)
310ChannelPTV (Mandarin)
312ChannelZee TV (Indian)
313ChannelZee Cinema (Indian)
318ChannelRAI (Italian)
450ChannelSkinemax HD
451ChannelRed Hot TV
450ChannelSkinemax HD
451ChannelRed Hot TV
452ChannelHustler TV
453ChannelExtasy TV
688ChannelFlow Sports Mix HD
689ChannelGoal Rush HD
690ChannelFlow Sports HD
691ChannelRush HD
694ChannelFlow Sports Extra 3 HD
695ChannelFlow Sports Extra 4 HD
696ChannelFlow Sports Extra 5 HD
697ChannelFlow Sports Extra 6 HD
698ChannelFlow Sports Extra 7 HD
699ChannelFlow Sports Extra 8 HD
718ChannelThe Dancehall Channel
719ChannelDancehall Extreme
327ChannelStar Bharat
328ChannelStar India Gold
329ChannelStar India Plus