Discoverflow | Jamaica | Yaad and Road $4,999 plus GCT Special Offer

Ya’ad & Road $4,999 + GCT Special Offer

  1. This special offer is available to new Residential customers in areas where Flow’s service is available, that subscribe to either the Ya’ad & Road or Internet Vital plans, between June 13th, 2022 and June 30th, 2022.
  2. The Ya’ad & Road and Internet Vital Plans will be discounted as follows:
  3. Plan NameRegular PriceSpecial Discount Price
    Ya'ad & Road$5,999 + GCT$4,999 + GCT
    Internet Vital$4,999 + GCT$3,999 + GCT
  4. Customers that have unsubscribed to a Ya’ad & Road or Internet Vital plan within thirty (30) days of the start date of this promotion, are not eligible for this promotion.
  5. Standard billing for the Ya’ad & Road and Internet Vital plans will begin on January 1st, 2023.
  6. A ‘sign up’ is defined as the customer having paid any applicable fees and the services being installed.
  7. The Tablet Offer for online sign-ups, is limited to ONE device per account.
  8. The customer will be responsible for any repairs or upgrades to the tablet, that maybe required, after the tablet is received from FLOW or its authorized agents. FLOW standard device warranty applies.
  9. If the customer becomes delinquent or is disconnected during the promotion, then they will no longer be eligible to receive the promotional benefit.
  10. Customers who sign up agree to pay the rates (inclusive of G.C.T. & Special Telephone Call Tax) applicable to that service.
  11. This Special offer CAN be combined with any other Flow promotional offer as determined by Flow.
  12. This offer is not transferable to any other person.
  13. Flow reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer at any time.
  14. FLOW Standard Terms & Conditions For Services, General Terms and Conditions of Mobile Service, Mobile Data Terms and Conditions and Terms & Conditions - Prepaid and Postpaid Unlimited Talk, Text & Social Plans apply.