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Prepaid 1 day plan

  • 1 GB of Data
  • Unlimited Social messaging
  • 25 Local Anywhere Mins and 25 Local Anywhere SMS

Dial *244*0#


Prepaid 3 days plan

  • 1 GB of Data
  • Unlimited Social messaging
  • 200 Local Anywhere Mins and 200 Local Anywhere SMS

Dial *244*1#


Prepaid 7 days plan

  • 3 GB of Data
  • Unlimited Social messaging
  • 350 Local Anywhere Mins and 350 Local Anywhere SMS

Dial *244*2#


Prepaid 30 days plan

  • 10 GB of Data
  • Unlimited Social messaging
  • 1000 Local Anywhere Mins and 1000 Local Anywhere SMS

Dial *244*3#



Social messaging stands for Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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PlanDestinationPriceQuick Activation Code
1 DayFlow to Flow Mobile$5
7 DaysFlow to Flow Mobile$30
30 DaysFlow to Flow Mobile$100

*All prices are in EC dollars

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Alcatel 3V

postpaid plan

prepaid plan


Caterpillar CAT B30

postpaid plan

prepaid plan

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7

postpaid plan

prepaid plan

Vonino Xylo Z

Vonino Xylo Z

postpaid plan

prepaid plan

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