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The NetSpeak service is dependent on your high-speed Internet connection, so if your connection is not working, the NetSpeak service will not work. If you are a Flow Broadband customer, contact Customer Support at on the Flow network to resolve the connection problem. If you are not a Flow Broadband customer, contact your local ISP.

Pickup the handset connected to the NetSpeak device and dial your number. To make an international call, dial your overseas number as you normally would from a traditional fixed line or mobile phone.

Yes, Any standard telephone will work with NetSpeak. Connect the base of your cordless phone to your telephone adapter and walk around your house while you talk.

A terminal adapter, or MTA, allows you to use a standard or cordless telephone to make calls over your broadband Internet connection. If you are using a standard telephone with your NetSpeak service, you need a NetSpeak terminal adapter.

To use the NetSpeak service, you need a broadband Internet connection, a NetSpeak terminal adaptor, a standard phone, and, in some situations, a router.

Yes you can take your NetSpeak device anywhere in the world and use it. All you need is a broadband or high-speed Internet connection, an Ethernet modem that supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and a telephone. However, we recommend you do not use your NetSpeak device to make "911" calls while you are traveling, as the service will not work as expected. All "911" calls made on the NetSpeak device are routed to the Emergency Communications Centre in your local island, even when you are traveling, and not to an emergency call centre where you are. We recommend you find another phone for your "911" calls when you are outside of your islands.

No. You can have your current telephone line upgraded to Broadband so that you can enjoy both telephone and Internet access.

None, if you already have your Ethernet modem that supports Session Initiation Protocol SIP. You'll get your NetSpeak device when you signup for service.

No, Netspeak works even without a PC.

Yes. You need a broadband or high speed Internet connection with an Ethernet modem enabled with Session Internet Protocol (SIP).


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