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    You can check your usage at any time by using the following steps:
  • Go to
  • Click MyFLOW
  • Log in with your specific username and password.
  • Select your country
  • Click on My Accounts.
  • Click on View next to the account you want to view billing details for
  • Click on Track Unbilled Usage.
Your interim balance shows the values of calls made since the start of your billing cycle. However, it does not discount calls that may be included in your plans this won't be done until your new bill is issued to you.

Quick Pay is a new feature on the MyFLOW Customer Portal that will allow you to pay a bill for another account which is not linked to your portal account. It's good if you need to make a quick payment for a friend or family member who is either out of the country or otherwise unable to do it themselves.

You can make payments to up to 5 accounts with a single transaction per country with the Quick Pay method.   There is no limit to the amount you can pay using the Quick Pay method.

We have added a feature which will allow you to download your bill in another format. Previously you could only download your bill as a PDF document. Now as a way to offer you more flexibility and control we have added the feature to download your call details as an Microsoft Excel document. Use the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Click My Account
  • Log in with your portal username and password
  • Select the account you wish to view. You will see a list of the current and previous bills for that account
  • Click on Download button next to the bill on the right
  • You will be taken to the Download Options screen
Select the options to filter the information downloaded. You can change the date range, select the specific service whose calls you want to see or even exclude charges that have a zero balance. Choose either the Download or Request Zip option. If you choose Request Zip the file that is downloaded will be a zip file of all of the call data for all services. This option is great for businesses who want to see their information across their various departments. If you choose the Download option, the file that is downloaded is an Excel .CSV file which can be viewed using Microsoft Excel.

The payment will appear on the customer's bill almost immediately. You will receive a confirmation email which will show the details of the transaction. You will need to contact the customer whose bill you are paying and have them verify that the payment has been applied to their account.

To setup an online account you need an email address which will be used as your username plus a password which will be used to secure your account. You will be sent a confirmation email to the email registered above. In order to use the account you will need to complete the registration process. To do this you will need to give us your name, your country, and contact number. You will be required to enter 3 secret questions to further secure your account. To help us serve you better and tailor the online experience just for you, you can give us some additional information on the number of services you have with us or select how you want us to contact you.