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The new Always On plans will replace the existing combo plans. The new suite will consist of 4 plans: 1, 3, 7 and 30 day options.

Data will be charged at normal PAYGO charges. Customers will receive both notifications above that their allotments have been exhausted.

SWIFT usage will continue to deduct from the SWIFT bucket; non-SWIFT data usage cannot be done unless another data plan is purchased (this is in place to protect our customers from PAYGO charges). Customers will receive the following message:

You have used 100% of your data plan. You can continue to enjoy your SWIFT plan however, for all other data access, please purchase a new plan by dialling *129#

All data (SWIFT and Non-SWIFT) should come from remaining data bucket if available. If data is not available, then data will be charged at normal PAYGO rates. Customers will receive the following message when their SWIFT data has been exhausted:

You have used your SWIFT Plan allotment. You can continue to use data from your plan if available or purchase another plan to access SWIFT again. Dial*129#

Yes. Subs will receive a notification that the plan has been deducted from their account and that the social media expires on XXX Day (no volume balance will shown).

No, the SWIFT messaging/ texts will come out of the Social media bucket and not the regular data bucket. After the SM plan has been depleted, the messaging/ texts will come out of regular data.

The SWIFT messaging is subject to an FUP. Visit a FLOW store to find out more.

There are several ways to activate the new plans:

Yes – the data rolls over at the point of auto renewal. Also, if a customer activates another plan prior to auto renewal, then the mins, data and SMS will carry forward.

Yes, all of the plans carry auto renewal.

Customers can call FLOW Mobile, Landlines as well as local 3rd party networks.

No; the old plans will be removed on the launch day of the new plans.