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Welcome to our B2B E-care portal, specially design to manage all your accounts and services in one place.

In this new portal you will be able to:

  • See all your accounts from different billing systems.
  • Check your due balance and pay your accounts.
  • See payment history.
  • View all services in a single platform.
  • See 12 months of bills.

Dear Business customer :

You can access the old legacy portal from the login link below

Proceed to the legacy My Account Portal.


Do it all from the comfort of home.

With online banking options like direct debit and recurring payments through your own bank, there’s never a reason to leave your home to pay your bill.

Still need to leave your home?

If you’re old school or just prefer the feel of cash, we’ve got you.

Pay with cash or your preferred credit

card at any of our external payment agencies, stores or kiosks.


Manage your account from anywhere with the MyFlow app.

  • Access your bill online
  • tick_with_circle
  • Check your balance
  • tick_with_circle
  • View your data
  • tick_with_circle
  • Top Up
  • tick_with_circle
  • Pay your bill

Download the app now!

Need to add or send credit?

Using your credit card, Top Up from the comfort of your home or send credit to loved ones so they can stay connected.