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Dear Valued Customer:

I have an exciting update for those of you who need to stay connected when you travel. We’ve upgraded our roaming plans to offer more data along with free incoming calls and texts, so that you can continue to share your travel experiences with loved ones, while abroad.

An exciting feature of the new roaming plans is one flat rate to more countries for both prepaid and postpaid mobile customers. The plans are available for 1, 7 and up to 30-days and feature up to 2.5 Gigs of data, plus affordable talk rates from as low as $0.30 per minute depending on the destination. Travelers will also receive timely updates on data consumption and plan renewal reminders, making it easier to remain connected while travelling.

Our new roaming plans are affordable and offer great value, with the same prices for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

The plans are divided into two regions: Zone 1 which covers 88 destinations including North America, Canada, most islands within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), as well as Latin America and Europe. Countries in Zone 2 include the Asia Pacific Region, including Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, additionally it includes Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Pakistan and many more destinations.

The new plans are a welcome addition to Flow’s suite of products, given that all major mobile carriers across the USA have now discontinued their 3G networks and are transitioning to 4G LTE and 5G technologies.

There are three ways that customers can purchase a roaming plan when travelling:

  1. Dial *129# and access the USSD menu to select the preferred roaming plan;
  2. Download and use the Top Up Flow App; or
  3. visit portal .
This portal is FREE for Prepaid / Hybrid customers and allows the purchase of Roaming Packages with a balance or with a credit card. For postpaid mobile customers, the portal also allows the roaming plans to be charged to the customer’s monthly bill.

To enjoy the best roaming experience, we encourage you to:

  • Upgrade your device from 3G to a 4G LTE or 5G device that supports Voice over LTE
    (VoLTE). Most current Android and IOS smartphones support this feature.
  • Upgrade your SIM card to an LTE SIM
  • Ensure that you subscribe to a suitable roaming package via our USSD menu before your departure by dialing *129#
  • Ensure that the VoLTE feature in your device is activated and enabled, and is using the most updated version
To learn more about our new Roaming Plans, visit

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