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Yes, we’ll need to swap out your SIM, so you can access the LTE network. You can visit any FLOW Retail store to have your SIM swapped for free after you have signed up for your new LTE data plan.

If you’re a prepaid customer with an LTE phone & LTE FLOW SIM, simply dial *129# to view the new prepaid LTE plans.

If you’re a postpaid customer with an LTE device & LTE SIM, visit the retail store to upgrade your plan to an LTE one. FLOW has new packages for light and heavy users, with plans up to 25GB.

Yes, your existing device will work on our network. But, to take advantage of the new speeds offered by 4G LTE you will need an LTE compatible device, LTE SIM card and LTE data plan.

  • An LTE compatible device
  • An LTE SIM – Visit one of our stores to upgrade your SIM to a new LTE compatible SIM for FREE. It's a simple swap.
  • An LTE data bolt or combo plan – see our new postpaid and prepaid LTE Data plans below
  • Have the latest software update installed in your smartphone, follow the prompts and accept any automatic software update (you won't need to sign up or make any changes to your device settings).

4G LTE is the fastest mobile data network in the world. Download speeds can reach up to 35Mbps. It’s like having a fiber-optic cable in your pocket.

LTE stands for 'Long Term Evolution'. It is a radio access technology used to deliver superfast data speeds.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a ‘fourth generation’ (4G) mobile service which will enable customers to access mobile data at far higher download speeds than previously available. Browsing the internet, downloading files and streaming videos will become almost instantaneous for 4G (LTE) customers.

If there is no update, it means that you are on an older SIM card. You are not required to change your SIM card, however your phone will display LIME until you do. If you wish to change your SIM card then you may visit a LIME or Flow location to do so.

You must restart your phone. If you are out of network range the updates will take effect once you reconnect and your phone will reflect Flow. Otherwise, the next time you are out of our network range the settings will automatically be pushed to your device and display Flow when you’re back on network.

Based on the merger of Cable and Wireless Communications and Columbus, we launched our new consumer brand, Flow. As such we are in the process of a rebranding exercise to the new Flow across all of our markets in the Caribbean.

The changeover will take place over the next 7 days from today through 29th March 2016

The fact is, and ECTEL has confirmed, that CWC does not need approval to merge in these markets. Consequently we are moving ahead with the launch and rebranding to Flow in all of our markets across the Caribbean.

No, until further advised there will be no change to your service.

On return to your home location, the settings will automatically be pushed to your mobile device and reflect Flow

All customers who have been switched over to our Superfast packages will receive a personal letter providing details of the new plans, rates and the end of the trial period.

For optimal performance, place the wireless modem in:
• A central location in your home
• As high up as possible such as a shelf or within line of sight of your devices
• Avoid areas that may cause interference such as other electrical appliances or wireless devices (cell phones, cordless phones etc)
• Avoid installing in an enclosed area such as closets

If you visit our website. You will find our handy line-checker tool that will help you decide on which package is best suited for your individual needs.

You can download several applications that will perform this test for you.

To ensure that you get the most accurate measurement, please run this speed test from a PC or Laptop which is connected to the modem via a wired connection

This will depend on your existing package. The difference in rate is a nominal one, however the difference in speed is significant. Visit our website to see the new plans & prices.

You can opt out of the new plans and prices at anytime during your one month trial. To do this you will need to fill out the online form or speak to one of our retail agents.

For existing FLOW Broadband Customers who have had our broadband service prior to October 2015, you will have automatically been upgraded to the new Superfast plans free of charge (if) they reside in an area where the Superfast service is available.

The trial last for one month. During the trial, you will be upgraded to one of our Superfast plans. After the trial your price will reflect the new plan prices.