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Yes, you receive SMS messages to inform you that your balance will soon expire and that you should top up your account.

Notice : Effective February 2, 2015 Flow prepaid mobile balances will have an expiration of 90 days since last top up. (Cayman effective January 29th. A different expiry policy applies in Jamaica).

We're always there for you. That's why you'll find a number of top up locations island-wide and overseas. From Flow retail stores to top up kiosks in supermarkets and gas stations, there's always a way to stay in touch. Of course, you can top up online anytime at and directly from your phone using the Flow Self Care App.

Once the entire dollar balance has been used or has expired, you can still receive calls and texts, recharge your account, contact customer care and make calls to public emergency numbers. Flow will keep your number active for up to 270 days from the date the account balance expires. After that, the number will be disconnected and eventually reassigned to another customer.

Any time you top up your account, the validity of your dollar balance will be extended for another 90 days.

You can use your prepaid dollar balance for many purposes including voice calls, text messages and mobile data usage. You can also buy voice, text and data bolt-ons and other special features and services.

You can check your prepaid dollar balance and expiration date by dialing: or option1

You can also download the new MyLime Self Care App. If you have an Android phone you can download the app from Google Play. If you have an iPhone you'll find it in the Apple App Store. An easy-to-follow menu leads you to your current balance and expiration date.

Flow's mobile prepaid top up duration is 90 days for any top up amount or denomination.


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