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Yes. To do this customers must first delete a number from their Faves List and then add a new number. Numbers are deleted by dialing *127*0*telephone number#. Numbers are added by dialing *127*1*telephone number#. Customers can also make changes via USSD main menu, by dialing: . Remember, up to five numbers can be included in the Faves List.

Note that a charge exists for deleting a number from the Faves List.

  1. Customers can check their balance by dialing and they will see all of their prepaid balances minutes, texts and data.
  2. By contacting the Contact Centre (100 or 1-800-804-2994) where one of our agents will be able to advise on remaining balances.

Yes, the customer will have the ability to purchase multiple bolt-ons or Talk, Text and Data plans within the 30 day cycle. The new plan purchased will expire 30 days from the date of purchase.

No. However customers purchasing a Data Bolt-On will receive the One Rate calling at $0.60 to Local Flow numbers and 25 Caribbean islands.

Unused bolt-on minutes, texts or data remaining after the 30 days will automatically expire and will not be available for use by the customer.

Eligible customers who attempt to buy the new Talk, Text and Data plans or bolt-ons but they do not have enough funds on their account they will receive a bounce back text message indicating that they do not have enough credit and that they should top-up in order to make the purchase/registration.

Yes. Customers who buy the bolt-on plans, but have a primary account balance which is zero, will be able to use their bolt-on.

The regular calling, texts and data rates will apply when the customers usage is outside of the plan

The following destinations are included:

  • Flow Network (Local or Regional, Landline and Mobile)
  • Other Local Operators (OLO)
  • International - USA, Canada, USVI, Puerto Rico and UK (landline only)

Yes. Customers can purchase prepaid bolt-ons along with their standard Pay per use prepaid service.


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