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Apple ID serves as an all-in-one account that allows users access to a variety of Apple's resources, including product registration and the Apple Store.

Once you have registered, you will able to download free apps from the Apple Store or register a new product. Simply type your Apple ID and password and the system will look up the information it needs. An Apple ID is available free-of-charge and can be obtained by signing up at My Apple ID web page. An Apple ID is composed of two parts: Username or user ID and Password. Username or user ID must be a valid email address, when you have completed the registration process Apple will send a verification email to the email address that the you provided during registration process.

No. Customers must subscribe to one of the iPhone specific plans. Please refer to question 3. If the contents of the plan do not meet the customer needs, they will be able to add bolt-ons.

Customers can visit specific Flow Retail Outlets to sign up for any of the new iPhone plans.

No. Postpaid customers are required to purchase the iPhone upfront with one payment.

Please refer to the Flow where you can input your details for follow-up once Flow has received new stock.

Yes. iPhone handsets out of warranty will be forward by Flow to Apple for repairs. Note, however, a standard charge of US $199 is required for assessing fault on the device, this is to be paid upfront, and additional costs will depend on the nature of the repair.

The standard (1) one year limited manufactory warranty will be extended to the customers, and is only applicable to iPhone unmodified handset purchased from Flow. Customers are required to show proof of purchase.

The price of your iPhone will vary depending on the plan that you select. Please refer device catalog for details on the cost for the iPhone's.

The data that is included in the iPhone plans can be used for any and all mobile internet activities. These activities include, but not limited to assessing email, facebook, downloading and uploading pictures, streaming etc.

Note, however, iPhones uses a lot more data when compared to other smartphones. The inclusive data cannot be used for roaming.

If your phone is lost of stolen, report it immediately to Flow. You can contact us 1-800-804-2994. Your account will be suspended until you buy a replacement SIM card and then we will get you up and running again!