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No. Only Primary/core balance can be used to subscribe to Flow Faves

Faves can be added to any other prepaid mobile plan only.

Yes. Faves gives customers the ability to send unlimited texts to numbers in their Flow Faves List.

No. Flow Faves gives customers the ability to make unlimited calls and texts to their favourite five (5) Flow numbers locally at a fixed recurring charge weekly or monthly. Data is billed separately at the applicable data rates

Yes. To do this customers must first delete a number from their Faves List and then add a new number. Numbers are deleted by dialing *127*0*telephone number#. Numbers are added by dialing *127*1*telephone number#. Customers can also make changes via USSD main menu, by dialing: . Remember, up to five numbers can be included in the Faves List.

Note that a charge exists for deleting a number from the Faves List.

Only a single instance of a number can exist in the customers Faves List. The following message will be returned to customers handheld Sorry, number is already a member

Yes. To do this customers must dial , or use the Delete All option available via the Menu access ( ). Customers will be charged for deleting each unique number within their Faves List. That is, if two numbers are in the List, the total charge is two times the charge to delete one number. For Jamaica, customers will be charged $50 each, to delete the first 3 unique numbers. If 4 or 5 numbers in the List are being deleted at once the charge is $200.

Users can change a number in the list by first deleting the number they wish to change and then adding the new number. To delete the number users must dial *127*0*telephone number#. Users can then add the new number by dialing:*127*1*telephone number#. Users can also delete and add numbers via the USSD main menu by dialing: and follow the prompts.

Users should dial *127*1* telephone number# example: *127*1*45XXXXX#

Customers who want to sign up for Flow Faves can dial for 7 day plan and for a 30 day plan


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