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Choose a package that gives you the speed you need at the price you want.


Package Description Monthly Rate (VAT Included)
Turbo 2 Up to 2 Mbps (download) / 1 Mbps (upload), Perfect for light users for unlimited browsing and emailing $89.01
Turbo 10 Up to 10 Mbps (download) / 1 Mbps (upload), Unlimited browsing, emailing, online shopping and occasional downloading $127.16
Turbo 25 Up to 25 Mbps (download) / 3 Mbps (upload), Perfect for regular internet browsing, online video games, Voice over IP applications, moderate downloading of files, security surveillance systems and moderate online streaming. $156.50
Turbo 50 Up to 50 Mbps (download) / 3 Mbps (upload), Gives you the super–fast speeds you need for bandwidth–intensive gaming and multimedia streaming. $249.45
Turbo 100 Up to 100 Mbps (download) / 10 Mbps (upload), Perfect for heavy internet browsing on multiple devices, transfering large files, Video conferencing & Voice over IP applications, bandwidth intesive gaming and HD multimedia streaming. $337.49
Static IP Address

A unique number assigned to every device on a network.